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Boot Murtha.Com

Posted by Mark on August 3, 2006

Can’t think of a better site to support.

2 Responses to “Boot Murtha.Com”

  1. get real said

    what a way to support a decorated veteran. why do you f—s hate america?


    This comment was edited – please no profanity – Z

  2. Get real,

    Your comment speaks for itself.

    You had to knee jerk and call us “f***s” because we simply linked to a site that wishes to hold a seditious congressman accountable. A congressman, who by the way twists the information that he has access to, simply for political gain, and who also uses his veteran status in order to give his arguments some weight. I can find no lower being than one that uses an honorable profession in order to smear it in such a slanderous fashion.

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