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Alex: What are- Chicken Little, Foghorn Leghorn and the EU

Posted by Mark on August 2, 2006

I just buzzed in and got it right!

Under the category: ‘Yellow Peckers’, Alex Trebek asked me to name 3 famous chickens. I was quick….I didn’t hestitate for a second.

In a rebuff to Washington, the European Union will not add the Islamist Hezbollah movement to its list of terrorist organizations, the EU president says. “Given the sensitive situation where we are, I don’t think this is something we will be acting on now,” said Finland Foreign Minister Erkki Tuomioja, who is also the EU president.

The decision came in response to a letter signed by 213 members of the U.S. Congress demanding the intergovernmental organization join the United States in branding Hezbollah as a terrorist organization.

“Given the sensitive situation…?”

Are you KIDDING ME? GTFO. So now we’re all worried we might hurt the feelings of Hezbollah?

“Everybody in Lebanon should be a party” to reaching a peace deal, he said, suggesting that calling Hezbollah a terrorist organization could risk alienating the Shiite organization and political party, London’s Observer reported.

What a bunch of _______! (….I’m thinking…female cats)

Uh…fyi….you effeminent SYCOPHANTS…Hezbollah is DIRECTLY responsible for killing 241 US marines and thousands and thousands of innocent civilians- including women and children… EU…..what would you rather they be called?

Disgruntled freedom fighters?

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