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A Dialogue for the September 12th World

Interview With A Terrorist

Posted by Mark on July 29, 2006

Ever pick up a newspaper or sit reading an online news site…and as you’re perusing…you leap to your feet shouting “WTF”? I do that occasionally. Alright…alright….during these troubled times, it’s become frequent. You may want to avoid Reuters is especially adroit at making me jump and holler.

Buckle yourself in….it starts with this headline:

Hizbollah demands halt to “aggression”

Reuters….that loving nuanced moonbat reporting agency always comes up with a title that yanks my chain. And at this point I’m already reaching for my oxygen mask. Let’s review that title shall we? And class it’s time we went over this….so you won’t grow up to be an overeducated loon like Maureen Dowd or undereducated stupid b**** like Helen Thomas. The title implies….

…that Israel is the ‘aggressor’!
…Hizbollah is equal in power and world stature and therefore can “demand” and not “ask”!
…Hizbollah by ‘demanding’ already has the moral high ground!
…Reuters has ‘carte blanche’ access to Hizbollah’s leaders for interviews and reporting!

This is typical leftwing ‘moral equivalency’ thinking. Oh BTW….better put on some sunscreen for this next passage…otherwise you’ll do a slow burn:

In an interview with Reuters, Hizbollah’s deputy chief Naim Kassem demanded an immediate halt to “Israeli aggression”.

Asked how Hizbollah viewed U.S. demands for its guerrillas to disarm and make way for an international force in south Lebanon, Kassem said: “America and Israel have no right to get a result from their defeat. There is no (military) victory for America and Israel for them to make political gains.”

Pressed on possible deployment of such a force, he said Hizbollah had decided not to talk about this in public.

Okay class…let’s see if we can pick out what’s HORRIBLY WRONG with the above.

In an interview with Reuters? Are you kidding me? So what did Reuters do? Call them up…and say:

“Hey…Naim…how’s it going?” Listen…got time for me to go underground with you in a secret location so we can get your story without Israel and the Western countries knowing where we are? What’s that? In Syria…in Damascus…at the Chinese embassy? Okay…I’ll see if I can’t catch a U.N. helicopter…I should be there by six. What’s that? Oh…yah….and Allah Akbar to you too!”

“America and Israel have no right to get a result from their defeat”? Did I miss the memo? When did either of us LOSE?

Lesson is over….class dismissed.

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