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A Veritable SMORGASBORD of Psychopaths

Posted by Mark on July 27, 2006

When you fight Muslim maniacs, you’re truly getting a bag of mixed NUTS. Telling one from another…..well….let’s just say yesterday- must’ve been exceptionally difficult:

Dozens of Israeli tanks and bulldozers backed by missile-firing drone aircraft pushed into the northern Gaza Strip on Wednesday, touching off a daylong battle that killed 23 Palestinians and wounded at least 70.

At least half of the Palestinian dead were fighters from Hamas, Islamic Jihad, the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade and other groups.

Call me naive… me simple-minded….but when you’re sifting through the dead psychopaths…how can you tell Hamas from an Islamic Jihad?…or an Al Aqsa Martyrs murderer from a Palestinian? I mean- don’t they all look alike?

Maybe they identify them through dental records….and depending on how many teeth the crazed terrorist has: determines his group affiliation! Hmmm….Hezbollah seems to be the most organized, so they probably have a better DENTAL PLAN. Which means, they likely have most of their adult teeth.

But you could make an argument for Hamas. They recruit children….I guarantee….Xrays will show plenty of baby teeth.

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