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So, What Does the Left Do Now?

Posted by Mark on June 16, 2006

Zarqawi is dead. And the treasure trove of documents may mark the end of Al Qaeda in Iraq.
The “breakout” election in California was won by…surprise!…the Republican. And the Culture of Corruption was found frozen with the $90,000 in Representative Jefferson’s (D-LA) freezer. Oh, and Karl Rove won’t be indicted…ever.

Michael Barone puts it well:

Historians may regard it as a curious thing that the left and the press have been so determined to fit current events into templates based on events that occurred 30 to 40 years ago. The people who effectively framed the issues raised by Vietnam and Watergate did something like the opposite; they insisted that Vietnam was not a reprise of World War II or Korea and that Watergate was something different from the operations J. Edgar Hoover conducted for Franklin Roosevelt or John Kennedy. Journalists in the 1940s, ’50s and early ’60s tended to believe they had a duty to buttress Americans’ faith in their leaders and their government. Journalists since Vietnam and Watergate have tended to believe that they have a duty to undermine such faith, especially when the wrong party is in office.

That belief has its perils for journalism, as the Fitzgerald investigation has shown. The peril that the press may find itself in the hot seat, but even more the peril that it will get the story wrong. The visible slavering over the prospect of a Rove indictment is just another item in the list of reasons why the credibility of the “mainstream media” has been plunging. There’s also a peril for the political left. Vietnam and Watergate were arguably triumphs for honest reporting. But they were also defeats for America–and for millions of freedom-loving people in the world. They ushered in an era when the political opposition and much of the press have sought not just to defeat administrations but to delegitimize them. The pursuit of Karl Rove by the left and the press has been just the latest episode in the attempted criminalization of political differences. Is there any hope that it might turn out to be the last?

Not much hope. Seth Swirsky may have written the seminal work for those who left the Left, or are thinking about it. Worth reading. In fact, it’s worth reading a few times.

The Left will not give up, of course. But their “arguments” are falling apart with each new victory. That’s always the way when one stakes one’s hopes and dreams on America’s defeat. Just ask Al Qaeda.

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Video Friday – A Lesson Unlearned

Posted by zaphriel on June 16, 2006

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