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Marriages Ain’t Easy

Posted by zaphriel on June 13, 2006

It was all about a messy Divorce.


Pawn Shop Owner Suspected in Reno Judge Shooting

RENO, Nev. — A manhunt was on early Tuesday for a pawn shop owner suspected in a killing at his estranged wife’s building and wanted for questioning in the shooting of a judge involved with his divorce case.

Police shut down a six-block area Monday and searched for Darren Roy Mack after Family Court Judge Chuck Weller was shot in the chest by an apparent sniper through the window of his third floor office in the Washoe County courthouse complex on the edge of the downtown casino district.

Darren Mack “had recent dealings with the judge and the family court section” in his divorce, Johns said, calling it “an obvious connection.” But he said police “do not have enough information to say he is a suspect” in Weller’s shooting.

Crazy people live everywhere, to bad it was such a mundain reason.

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