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Zarqawi’s Dead…

Posted by Mark on June 11, 2006


So goes the “battlecry” of the Democrat Party. We killed the leader of Al Qaeda in Iraq (no connection between Saddam and Al Qaeda?) and Jane Harmon, John Murtha, my own Senator Dick, and the rest of the Cut and Run Crowd want to pull troops out immediately, or at least as soon as politically expedient in order to win the Fall elections. After all, winning the Fall elections is the priority for the Democrats. It’s a shame that winning the war is second, or even third, on the Left’s list of priorities. Sometimes I wonder if winning the war is even on the list. Of course, many in the Democrat Party haven’t come to the realization that we are at war, so I suppose their list of priorities makes sense to them, right?

Fortunately, there’s still a group of men and women who believe we are at war, and have winning it as job One. Here’s a sample of their work. And here is how they may have done it. War is about killing the enemy before he kills you. Zarqawi killed enough Americans and Iraqis. To give him his victory after death by pulling American troops is a notion for fools and cowards. The Democrat Party has more than it’s share of both.

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