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Poor Dixie Chicks…

Posted by Mark on June 7, 2006

They just can’t understand why the fans that they have insulted are not willing to pay big bucks to see the them insult them live and in person…
Dixie Chicks undone.JPG

Despite those numbers, early ticket sales are clearly not meeting projections. The plug was pulled on public on-sales for shows in Indianapolis (August 23), Oklahoma City (September 26), Memphis (September 27) and Houston (September 30) because of tepid pre-sales in a national promotion with Target stores.

The Memphis show has been pulled off the route and the status of the shows in Indianapolis, Houston and Oklahoma City remains uncertain. Industry speculation has it that much or all of the tour may be postponed. At the very least, it is likely routing and capacity will be reconfigured.

Country music simply doesn’t need the kind of anti-American B.S. the Dixie Chicks have dished out over the past couple of years. And by the way, do their mothers know they did this cover?

5 Responses to “Poor Dixie Chicks…”

  1. ronald ferman said

    these guys are more out of contol than ever

    Hamas Militants Storm Palestinian TV Facility

  2. Brian Fay said

    The album is great. It’s just good music and it’s raw. This is the sort of album a group produces when their faith in the nation is shaken and they have to look deep to find the true meaning of who we are and what we stand for. The beauty of America is that we embrace contraries, accept difference, and will die for the right of someone to say something with which we disagree.

    At least, that’s what we used to stand for. Some of us still do.

  3. Matthew said

    And we happen to disagree with their view, and so we speek up. Also a beautiful thing about America.

  4. lindsay said

    Haha America is not accepting at all, and freedom of speech doesn’t exist unless you are in the privacy of your own home. America needs to readjust their selling points because as you can see by what happened to the Dixie Chicks, expressing an opinion leads to exile. You should all be ashamed of yourselves for turning your back on an amazing talent just because they expressed an opinion you don’t necessarily agree with.
    What they should have said instead of “I’m embarassed he’s from the same State” is “I’m embarassed to be fro the same country as Bush”

  5. Craig said

    Your reasoning makes as much sense as Code Pink at a movie screening of “300”.

    So when Rap stars sing about misogyny, killing cops, and the gangsta’ lifestyle, I should ignore their words and because I strongly disagree- I should embrace them anyway?

    No I won’t. I will virulently shun them. And if that is ‘exile’: then off to Elba they go.

    There are plenty of people who Hate Bush. Let them all commiserate with the Dixie Chicks and buy their records.

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