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Politics is Messy

Posted by zaphriel on May 24, 2006

12417751_TN.jpgTo anyone who is wondering why I have not been posting much lately, the answer is simple. I have been busier than a one legged man trying to win a butt kicking contest. (Yeah I know I changed it… but it fits better with that analogy). Not only in my personal life (don’t get me started), but in my political hobbyist life too.

Being a director of an Independent Conservative PAC is a lot of work, especially when you ruffle a few feathers. People get caught up here on the word Conservative, and assume that that means Republican. While it is true that we seek to endorse Conservative candidates, those candidates are not always Republican, nor are all Republican candidates truly conservative. Sometimes it is a toss up; there may be several well qualified candidates in a race (especially in the primaries).

Invariably in these situations someone can feel jilted. That’s unfortunate as most of the time it comes down to a simple vote of the organization. But what is more telling is the reaction that any one candidate (or candidates supporters) may have.

Apparently my PAC, Nevada Independent Conservative PAC, a grass roots conservative political action organization, has been turning heads. Why, it is certainly not because of the money we provide, we prefer a different approach. Our members walk neighborhoods, talk to voters, call for candidates, and generally just get off their butts, and get involved. This type of action is invaluable and unquantifiable. It means more than money, and allows monetarily disadvantaged candidates to make a showing. It’s a new movement that takes the power of the green backs away from the “frontrunners”. It doesn’t work all the time and it doesn’t work alone, but it does change the dynamics of the campaign. To many in the established status quo, it’s scary. An election cannot be bought anymore (if this catches on) and the outcomes become far from certain.

It is funny then how people react. The latest of the mud slinging, implicates our organization, a PAC that exists for its members, and is guided by its conservative ideals, in a money for endorsement “scandal”. I find this funny and absurd for several reasons.

First, it all revolves around one person, our former chairman, who after founding NICPAC, found his niche in helping to run campaigns for a political action company. His skills and unique thinking quickly lead him to move up in the company, and attract many clients. The deal is that this energetic political activist caught the attention of candidates that NICPAC happened to endorse (as well as others). His implicated “immorality” here appears to be his zeal, and maybe just a little naivety.

Ah, live and learn I guess.

So upon hearing of this “scandal” (I use “scandal” in quotes because so far it’s just an anonymous commenter making a stink on a well read local Blog) this individual stepped down from his chairmanship. Sadly a great loss for us, but that simply shows his dedication to his clients.

Second, you would think that a PAC that was selling its endorsements would have something to show for it… NICPAC has exactly $30 in the bank (as of today, because I donated money for a project), while we are currently planning some great fundraisers (because grassroots alone won’t get the whole job done) we have never concentrated on money. We always put our members first. Up until now, it has been free to join NICPAC. Our strength has always been our action. Given all of that, I wonder where all of this money we supposedly sold our endorsements for went. I would love to spend it on a few candidates that need help.

Third, it’s funny that the attacks are coming from the shadows (the comfort of anonymity must be nice, you never have to prove anything, and you never have to take credit), as NICPAC has always been open and transparent. And in response we are becoming more open and more transparent. We will not compromise our standards just because of a vocal poltergeist trying to muddy the waters.

So NICPAC soldiers on, assisting our candidates, pushing our initiatives, helping other PAC’s with similar goals, and serving our members. But now I am sure you can see why blogging has gone to the wayside. These events, the busy primary season as well as the initiative deadline have been taking up all of my spare time. Hopefully it will improve in the near future. Thanks for reading my rant, it felt good to write it and get it off my chest.

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  1. Todd said

    Very well said, Matt.

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