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Double Your Pleasure

Posted by Mark on April 30, 2006

If you haven’t seen President Bush’s boffo performance at The White House Correspondence Dinner last night, you can catch excerpts here. My favorite line, “We Americans must come together, Republicans, Democrats…and John McCain.” I’d skip Colbert, though. He bombed big time. A real waste of time. double bush-large.jpg

After viewing Mr. Bush’s and Mr. Bush’s act, click around on Hot Air. It is rapidly becoming a major video blogging site. Check out Vent, by Michelle Malkin. Great stuff.

9 Responses to “Double Your Pleasure”

  1. VIDEO: White House Correspondents Dinner – President Bush & Impersonator…

    Last night I mentioned the White House Correspondent’s annual dinner event, and it’s odd guest list. Well, it turned out to be a less funny event than I’ve seen in the past, but President Bush’s “speech” was pretty funny, so……

  2. Fred said

    LOL, Colbert “bombed.”

  3. Do you say Colbert bombed because he really bombed, or because he said things you personally don’t agree with….

    I ask, because most Bush-worshippers have no sense of humor when it comes to the poking fun of the Idiot-In-Chief.

  4. Au contraire.

    Colbert delivered a double-ought load of truthiness right between Mr. Bush’s eyes at close range. He has brass cojones the size of Manhattan, and he used everything in his arsenal. He twisted the knife in the heart of incompetence, lies, hypocrisy and corruption, and he looked the target right in the eyes while he did it.

    Bush is well protected from dissent and reality, and some of it broke through the protective shield to tell him that at a 32% approval rating, the glass is not half empty, it’s TWO THIRDS empty, and what’s left is backwash that Colbert wouldn’t drink.

    Colbert has all the courage that Bush lacks, not to mention a hundred IQ points. Was was there that was not to like?

  5. Matthew said

    Ok, Libertarian Jason, and Repack Rider,

    Did you watch the same show I did? Colbert Tanked… Big time, even with a sympathetic crowd. Go back and watch again, as the president got allot of laughs and reaction from the crowd… and then watch the “professional comedian” silence the room.

    Yep, in showbiz speak we call that bombing… in fact I could not have put together a better definition.

  6. Mark said

    I’m thinking RR and LJ liked what Colbert said, which is fine. But the silence of the crowd, and the lack of laughter at his jokes was what I was referring to. And that from a predominantly partisan crowd.

    I think one of the problems was the timing. Colbert should have gone first, as the warmup act. As it was, he followed a really funny bit from the President, and that’s hard to do for any comedian.

  7. Craig said

    I also watched the White House dinner roast. Mark and Matthew have it exactly right. Colbert did his best to make ’em laugh but the Dubya impersonator killed….he was Hilarious and the crowd loved it.

  8. Heather P. said

    I’m doubt making the audience “laugh” was Colbert’s intention considering his audience. I think he took advantage of the position he was in as he confornted Bush, and the lousy administration, through the use of satire. It’s about time someone did it! I myself found it hilarious. Perhaps if you have reason to be offended by his speech, you would say he “tanked” to help ease the blow.

  9. Matthew said

    Sure Heather, What ever makes you feel better. Colbert, a professional comedian, not making the audience laugh… and you want to call that a success… OK… I mean it’s only my opinion and all, but I think Colbert’s use of “satire” (as you put it) was lacking at best. I was not offended by his speech, I thought it stunk. It didn’t offend me that he tanked, and I didn’t feel any blow.

    Here I’ll dissect it for you as a former comedy club manager… His timing stunk, his jokes bombed, he looked visibly uncomfortable on stage, and he made the audience uncomfortable for him. In the comedy biz, we would consider him a disaster, and would hope he could pull it together the next night, but I have released comedians from their run for better performances. Colbert didn’t tank because he was offensive in any way (offensive might have improved his performance) he tanked because he stunk, and the whole room knew it. For a professional comedian of his stature, that is inexcusable.

    So please, defend away. Defend what you believe to be his rationale for putting on a very poor performance, it doesn’t make him any better of a comedian, and it doesn’t prove your point any better, or advance your beliefs any further.

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