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Snow in April Brings Growing Poll Numbers in August

Posted by Mark on April 26, 2006

Tony Snow should prove a great choice for White House spokesman. As George Allen said a few minutes ago on Hardball:

“But the thing that’s good about Tony Snow, is being on talk radio, he has the pulse on people in the real world think issues such as immigration, taxes, spending, on energy prices, a variety of issues, and I think he bringing the pulse of people in the real world to the White House, understanding how people react to it, and whether they’re on Rush Limbaugh’s Show, or Hugh Hewitt’s show, or Laura Ingraham’s show, or, who knows who, the Sean Hannitys or any other radio show, the fact that he understands the language, the sentiments, the spirit of the American people who want to see action here in Washington, that’s going to be an added benefit of having Tony Snow in the White House.”

He’s right. Gave a nice plug to Hugh Hewitt as well. Senator Allen is hitting all the right chords to be the Republican nominee for President in ’08, assuming Condi takes the NFL Commissioner’s job instead…

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