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Jumping the Shark: Juan Williams and FoxNews Sunday

Posted by Mark on April 23, 2006

There have been many times I wanted to throw my Sunday morning coffee at Juan Williams. But I’ve always respected his knowledge, even when I disagreed with his opinion. But today, on FoxNews Sunday,Mr. Williams has finally, and irrevocably, jumped the shark. And as all of us know, once that happens, it’s downhill from there.

For Mr. Williams to defend Mary McCarthy, the fired CIA agent who leaked classified information to Dana Priest, calls in to question his judgement, and his own ability to keep his word. When one gets a security clearance, one signs a statement that you will not reveal it. Doesn’t matter if you agree with the classification, you signed your name. Binding contract. Period. Moral indignation or not, there it is.

I would strongly suggest FoxNews re-examine Mr. Williams’ contract, as obviously his written signature does not guarantee he will maintain its terms if his own “moral indignation” is strong enough.

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