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Holy Saturday: The Day of Lost Hope

Posted by Mark on April 15, 2006

The Gospel writers speak little of this day.

Luke, in his understated style, says the followers of Jesus “rested.” Exhausted stupor is probably more like it, as they found their way back together again. Did Thomas have trouble meeting John’s eyes on that day, knowing he had run away? And what of Peter, stumbling through the night knowing he had denied His Lord, coming face to face with his own cowardice? Did he meet the eyes of anyone as he stumbled back to the Upper Room? One wonders if he worked hard to stay as far away from Jesus Mother, Mary, as he could. Lost in shame and doubt, the followers of Jesus must have relived each moment, each second, of that awful day that had come before this one.

Matthew says the most, but it’s not about the disciples. It’s the fear of the High Priest that the disciples will steal the body. It’s also the last mention of Pilate, as he gives permission to post guards to the Tomb, and allows a Seal to placed on the stone. How ironic that it’s the religious leaders who remember that Jesus said He would rise again on the third day. I wonder if any of the Apostles remembered that promise after the trauma of seeing their leader beaten, disfigured, and finally tortured to death on a Roman Cross? Or were they remembering his suffering, fearful the religious leaders would visit the same fate on them?

Mark and John, having experienced the trauma of Friday, and the joy of Sunday, says nothing of this day that must have seemed an Eternity. It’s as though this “in-between day” was too painful, too dark to even mention, as those long ago followers of Messiah fall into their grief-stricken stupor. Is it any wonder that when the women told Peter that they had seen the Lord, he could not see past the failure of Saturday, to the glorious hope of the Sunday to come?

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