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Posted by zaphriel on April 10, 2006

Muddying the waters and diluting the issue.


More Immigrants Take to Streets to Protest Proposed Laws

ATLANTA — Thousands of demonstrators wearing white T-shirts and waving signs and American flags filled the streets of an immigrant neighborhood Monday for the first of dozens of marches planned in a national day of action billed as a “campaign for immigrants’ dignity.”

The two-mile Atlanta march was in support of immigrant rights nationally as well as in protest of state legislation awaiting Gov. Sonny Perdue’s signature. If signed, it would require that adults seeking many state-administered benefits prove they are in the country legally.

Imagine that, giving services only to those that qualify…

0324immig2.jpgBeyond that, the issue here is not about LEGAL IMMIGRATION. We have a process in place. But as with all liberal causes they turn it into a race issue, using the big words…


Twisted thoughts and words, calling to action, and spreading fear among those that are here legally, saying they and their families can be deported (false). This issue, at it’s roots, has nothing to do with LEGAL immigration and everything to do with having a porous border that allows for the vast ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION problem we already have. And to prove the point for us, local advocate groups are planning a walkout…

Workers to walk out over immigration

Hundreds of Northern Nevadans are expected to participate Monday in the National Day of Action for Immigrant Justice, showing the economic impact immigrants have on the state.

Students, community organizations, religious groups and members of labor unions are planning to walk Monday morning from the University of Nevada, Reno and Miguel Ribera Park to Bruce R. Thompson U.S. Court House and Federal Building.

Casinos are unsure how many employees will take part, but some said widespread participation could hamper business.

Nothing like adding fuel to the fire by pointing out how widespread the problems really are.

There is a legal immigration process, we welcome immigrants. I even welcome “guest workers”, but having an uncontrolled, un-accounted for border, is both dangerous and irresponsible.

We need to address the real issues here and stop bickering over “how much amnesty” to give. Enforce the Laws, and Secure our Borders. Why is this a hard thing to do?

2 Responses to “Inmigración”

  1. Gayle said


    I agree 100%. And I’d like to add one more paradoxical(that is a word, right? Don’t have my dictionary handy!) thought here. How can you say that you have embraced a country-that you want to live in that country and be a productive member of it’s society-when, by the very act of entering that country, you have broken one of its laws? Not a very good start toward citizenship. If you want to be a part of a society, then you must adhere to its laws, even if you feel some of them are unfair.

    I am not racist toward immigrants. I can understand, fully, their desire to come to this country to find jobs and to make a better life for themselves. I dealt with many immigrants, both legal and illegal as a social services worker. But we do have legal immigration and it should be used, as well as the laws being upheld on illegal immigration.

    As a citizen who was born in this country and whose family has lived here for generations, I cannot break the law without paying the price. Anyone who wishes to become a citizen should be willing to be held to the same standards.

  2. Matthew said

    It should also be noted that I advocate easier immigration laws too. I am much more worried about knowing about and tracking non-citizen individuals than I am about them taking work. They are only doing what we all want to do, better ourselves. I am much more worried about a failed immigration standard and porous border.

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