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An Update from Mark

Posted by Mark on April 8, 2006

Since starting my new job, I have sort of lost the “blogging bug.” I suspect I’ll get it back, and LJiC has been too important to me over the years to just drop out. But I’m down to an occasional post during the week, and a major post on Saturday or Sunday these days. I suspect that will increase as I get used to getting up early and coming home tired again.

How do I describe the new job? Locked psych unit, with 12 bed capacity, close to Chicago. I’m the only Case Manager(fancy name for Social Worker, though that’s not my degree). Because of experience, I was assigned one of the lower functioning units, with folks who are chronically mentally ill for the most part, and noncompliant with their meds. Many are homeless. Some come from group homes, if they’re lucky. Psychotic behavior is the norm, not the exception. And violence certainly isn’t unheard of.

Having said all that, (and leaving out some of the worst parts) the past two weeks have felt like coming home for me, back to what I know in my heart I’m supposed to be doing right now. I’m where God wants me, in a place that most people would run from. Isn’t that the strangest thing you’ve ever heard? Yet there it is.

I was talking to a Greg, a real hero who manages group homes for disabled people in the inner city, about my feelings of coming home yesterday, and he put it in perspective. He said that it was like being a fireman. Firemen run toward buildings that most people are trying to run out of. Mental health Professionals (Psychiatrists, Social Workers, Therapists, Pastors etc.) run toward lives that most people try to avoid. Made sense.

Guess I’m still a sheepdog. It’s just that my flock sometimes seems a little more psychotic than the rest of the sheep. But I’m still around, and still taking a part in the blogosphere.

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