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A Post in Cartoons – The Immigration “Deal”

Posted by zaphriel on April 6, 2006

This issue is not really being dealt with. We have a porous border, that means anyone can get across and live in the shadows. How many of the 11 million undocumented persons are here to do our country harm?


This is NOT about racism (though I am sure racists support reform)
This is NOT about Mexicans (thought A.N.S.W.E.R. and the ACLU would like you to think so)
This is NOT about Immigration (we already have legal ways to immigrate into this country)
This is NOT about undocumented workers (but that is what is being addressed)
This is NOT about Amnesty (but that seems to be how we are answering it)


This is about upholding our laws.
We already have laws in place, no more were needed.
But now we have exacerbated the problem by rewarding those that already were breaking our laws, or turning our backs, and looking the other way.



I agree that we need a workforce that will do the dirty jobs that most Americans can’t or won’t. I agree that we should make companies hire citizens first, and prove that no-one can or will fill the job.


This compromise is not necessary.


The solution to this problem is to enforce the laws we already have in place.
If the laws currently on the books do not allow us to fill our needs, then we need less stringent laws and an easier process. Above all, we need to know who is here and why. People living in the shadows cannot continue to be tolerated. It endangers us all in too many ways.


3 Responses to “A Post in Cartoons – The Immigration “Deal””

  1. Ms. Jones said

    I am tired of hearing how this is about hate and racism. What a way to skirt the real issues of illegal immigration. That is the way of the left though isn’t it?

  2. suena said

    Close the borders,inforce the laws. I am sick and tired of paying for illegal alien’s usage of hospitals and schools. Now, they have the blantancy to protest. For the total of 11million illegal aliens, there is just a small amount protesting…compared to the amount living here. They are here for Greed and hired by Greed. I live amongst them and they are not appreciative, nor are they good neighbors. They don’t care about our country. They live as if they are still in their country. They don’t learn english and get mad when one does not speak spanish…go figure…since when is english not our official language. They get mad when they are finally given tickets for not having their license. Give me a, they want to get a wage increase….and amensty. My ancestors came through the Statue of Liberty as proud people willing to become Americans. Illigal aliens …sneak into our county…..use our country by using our services for free….not paying taxes, not respecting our laws or our people and they have an attitude to boot….like we owe them something or it’s their right to break our laws……I hope our elected officials……do their job and enforce the laws….and demand respect.

  3. suene said

    The real truth is that no matter how hard you guys try to built a secure border, these brave people( that is honduras, mexican salvadorians ect…)will still come. You guys could built the great wall of china,i dont care, people will still cross it . Those people are not stupid. Theycross it for a reason…. because hunger is greater than fear. And stop complaining they take away your(that is”legal people”)jobs. These people get it because they deserve it ALRIGHT!!. YOU SNOOZE YOU LOSE. THATS YOUR LEGAL AMERICANS MOTTO.I don’t see you guys complaining that they take away your jobs in the fields . If a “legal” person were to work in the field, the tomatoe will be worth more than right now. And those “illegal people get paid the minimum. Are you sure you guys want that job. I guess not. But still you guys want to kick them out. Will just remember”NO TOMATOE, NO KETCHUP. Im legal and i have the freedom of speech. this is my opinion. So matthew don’t erase this. more people that think like me would comment your page.
    P.S Tell that guy in the pic that my flag is hanged in my room

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