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News Flash

Posted by zaphriel on April 4, 2006

0_21_040406_iran_boat.jpgIran has “Advanced Technology”

Iran: Stealth ‘Flying Boat’ Successfully Tested

TEHRAN, Iran — Iran said Tuesday it had tested what it called a “super-modern flying boat” capable of evading radar. State TV showed a brief clip of the boat’s launch.

“Due to its advanced design, no radar at sea or in the air can detect it. It can lift out of the water,” the television said. It said the boat was “all Iranian-made and can launch missiles with precise targeting while moving.”

Problem is, it’s Iranian Made… And not in any way, “Stealth”. Its a seaplane with an angular hull (and shiny paint) but most assuredly not stealth (especially given the enormous engine stand and propeller sticking out the top). This attempt at propaganda is laughable at best.

Gotta love the saber rattling (so reminiscent of “Bagdad Bob”).

OK, so let’s review…


NOT stealth…


any questions?

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C-5 Crash

Posted by zaphriel on April 4, 2006

(sorry I was busy all day yesterday in court.)

c5crash.jpgMiraculously, no one was killed.

Cargo Plane Crashes at Dover Air Base

DOVER, Del. — A huge military cargo plane faltered after takeoff and belly-landed short of the Dover Air Force Base runway Monday, breaking apart and drenching some of the 17 people aboard with fuel but causing no fire or life-threatening injuries.

“It is a miracle. Absolutely a miracle,” said Lt. Col. Mark Ruse, commander of the base’s 436th Air Wing Civil Engineering squadron. “If you look at the condition of that plane and 17 people are still alive right now — it is absolutely amazing.”

13 years in the Air Force and I am constantly amazed at these things, the fact that they fly at all is a miracle. My thoughts are with the crew and their families. I am glad that everyone is alive.

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Cosby Gets It…

Posted by zaphriel on April 4, 2006

he always has.
(via Instapundit)

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Welcome to Spring

Posted by zaphriel on April 4, 2006

Apparently it rained yesterday…

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Definition of Dirt Bag

Posted by zaphriel on April 4, 2006


2 Air Marshals Plead Guilty to Drug Smuggling

HOUSTON — Two U.S. air marshals pleaded guilty Monday to accepting money to smuggle cocaine on a flight to Las Vegas and agreed to cooperate with prosecutors.

The marshals admitted they accepted $15,000 to use their positions as air marshals to bypass airport security and smuggle 15 pounds of cocaine.

Shawn Ray Nguyen’s attorney, Kent Schaffer, said his client pleaded guilty because “he felt that the best way to … demonstrate his repentance about his conduct was to take a guilty plea as early as possible.”

George Parnham, an attorney for Burlie Sholar III, said the plea was the best alternative. “We want to save ourselves as much of his future as we can,” he said.

Homeland Security spokesman David Adams said that Sholar and Nguyen remained on indefinite suspension without pay.

Nothing is more despicable than two morons who are supposed to be looking out for public safety, being bought… FOR DRUGS!!!

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