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Light Posting

Posted by zaphriel on March 31, 2006

Sorry for the light posting…

But I have been covering this.

Between that, being sick, and the demands at work, time has been tight.

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Video Friday – Hold Them In Your Heart

Posted by zaphriel on March 31, 2006

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The U.N. Is Broken

Posted by zaphriel on March 31, 2006

kofi_annan.jpgAccording to Kofi Annan, but the solution he says, is for the body to do less… I agree

Annan: U.N. Should Cut Down on Reports

UNITED NATIONS — In 2005, the United Nations delivered 1,200 reports on issues from Guinea-Bissau to the rights of women in the developing world. Its human rights office alone produced 44,000 pages of documents — which in turn had to be translated into six official languages.

Such a huge volume of information, and the bureaucracy needed to produce it, threatens to overwhelm the United Nations, Secretary-General Kofi Annan said in a study released Thursday. The 191 member states must fund the things they ask for, and stop demanding so much if the world body is to live up to the ideals and promises of its founders, he said.

Wow, words of sanity, finally, but the ultimate in irony is this…

The analysis, detailed in a dense 44-page report of its own, urges a sweeping overhaul of the giant U.N. bureaucracy that has become a favorite target of U.N. critics who question the necessity for all those reports, statements, conferences and expert panels.

He made the statement in a 44 page report, that itself had to go through all of the same buerocracy that has mad the U.N. Infamously Ineffective. You can tell by Iran’s quaking boots
update: pun not intended

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