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Transparent Government

Posted by zaphriel on March 29, 2006

GTL has a great idea

This is an important piece of legislation, which is being sponsored by Senator Brian Baird of WA, folks. If successfully passed into law, Congress will then have to wait for three days before voting on proposed bills, and the proposed bills will be accessable to any interested Americans to read and consider before contacting their representatives to urge them to support (or not) the legislation.

It will help create more of the transparency in our Government that bloggers from all sides of the aisle have been screaming for quite awhile. Well, here it is, folks…

Go check out his post on the subject.

2 Responses to “Transparent Government”

  1. […] ***** This post was linked to by Matthew, of Liberty Just in Case with Transparent Government […]

  2. A government that is unaccountable is irresponsible.

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