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Transparent Government

Posted by zaphriel on March 29, 2006

GTL has a great idea

This is an important piece of legislation, which is being sponsored by Senator Brian Baird of WA, folks. If successfully passed into law, Congress will then have to wait for three days before voting on proposed bills, and the proposed bills will be accessable to any interested Americans to read and consider before contacting their representatives to urge them to support (or not) the legislation.

It will help create more of the transparency in our Government that bloggers from all sides of the aisle have been screaming for quite awhile. Well, here it is, folks…

Go check out his post on the subject.

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Posted by zaphriel on March 29, 2006

One could only hope.

Diplomats Agree on U.N. Statement on Iran

UNITED NATIONS — The five permanent members of the U.N. Security Council agreed on a statement Wednesday demanding that Iran suspend uranium enrichment, setting the stage for the first action by the powerful body over fears that Tehran wants a nuclear weapon.

The 15 members of the council planned to meet later Wednesday to approve the statement, the text of which was not immediately disclosed. …

Diplomats said the statement, which is not legally binding will ask International Atomic Energy Agency chief Mohamed ElBaradei to report back in 30 days on Iran’s compliance with the demands.

Once again the major problem with the U.N. is evident. “[T]he statement, which is not legally binding”, meaning Iran has no incentive to comply… Nice.

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When Terror Runs a Government

Posted by zaphriel on March 29, 2006


Hamas Takes Power of Palestinian Government

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip — Hamas formally took power Wednesday, and the newly installed prime minister pledged to cooperate with President Mahmoud Abbas, head of the defeated Fatah party.

At a news conference in Gaza after Abbas swore in Ismail Haniyeh and his Cabinet, Haniyeh said his relations with Abbas would stress “cooperation and harmony, based on the supreme interest of the people.” Haniyeh said he and Abbas would confront “Israeli aggression against the people” as well as internal chaos.

He called Hamas’ assumption of power “a great moment.”

Yeah, great, the sworn terrorist enemies of peace are now in control, ready to drive their country, and the stagnant peace process, directly into the ground. A “great moment” of status quo and medicrity.


And so the game begins.

Canada Suspends Assistance to Hamas

TORONTO — Canada said Wednesday it was suspending assistance to the Palestinian Authority because the new Hamas-led government refuses to renounce violence and recognize Israel.

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Where Have All The Funny Cards Gone…

Posted by zaphriel on March 29, 2006

I came accross this story this morning. Some of these rejects are just hillarious.

Included among the discarded messages are Christmas cards:

FRONT: “Spread some holiday cheer.”

INSIDE: “Or drink alone. Who am I to judge?”

FRONT: “Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without peanut brittle.”

INSIDE: “Or Jesus.”

Read More Here

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Specter of a Hearing

Posted by Mark on March 29, 2006

Great article by Byron York on Arlen Specter’s growing frustration with…well…pretty much everybody.

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