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Posted by Mark on March 27, 2006

I seldom step out from behind the curtain here at LJiC. This is not a personal diary. It’s a blog about the issues that have affected us all since 9/11. But a huge change is coming, and I wanted to share it with my friends and readers.

Tomorrow I’m going back to work. I’ve waited almost 2 years to say that, and tomorrow it will finally happen.

My health is better today than it was when I first developed severe breathing problems in August of 2004. So, I’ve taken a job on a locked psychiatric unit close to Chicago. It’s what I’ve done in the past, and I’m looking forward to it.

This blog has kept me from going nuts during my long illness. It’s grown from a couple of hits a day to over 500 a day, and still growing. Blogging was a full time job for me, as I could do nothing else. The computer room in the basement was the only place I could breathe for about 7 months, and focusing on the blogosphere and politics kept me from having to think about how sick I was, and the extreme cut in pay that going on disability meant. Tough times. The only constant during that period was my family, and the wonderful people who stopped by to read and comment here at LJiC. Thanks to all of you.

So, blogging will go back to being a hobby, instead of a full time job. You may see fewer posts from me, and certainly fewer daytime posts. But, thanks to Matt, you will still be able to read things that will bring you back to LJiC. Alot of the growth at this site is thanks to Matt. He’s been a great partner, and a good friend. That’s so odd, since the only time we’ve even heard each other voices was the other night when we overloaded the server. I’m hoping we can meet officially at Bloggerman next October. By then, I’ll have been employed for over a year, and this awful period of my life will be a distant memory.

But one part of this long convalescence that was not awful was this blog, and the friends I’ve made through it. Patricia, Matt, GTL, Craig, Gayle, and all the rest of you. You don’t know how much your emails and comments have meant over the past few months. And keep reading. I’ll still be around, and still be blogging. But like the rest of you, I’ll be doing it in my spare time now, instead of full time. I’ll be a therapist first, and a blogger second. It’s about time.

4 Responses to “Changes”

  1. Craig said

    Hey Mark, congratulations!!

    That’s wonderful news. Getting a job is definitely a therapist…sounds Theraputic!.

    All the best.

  2. Craig said

    I’m still learning how to speak.
    s/b Getting a job as a therapist…sounds Theraputic.

    Sorry, synapses aren’t firing…Coffee!

  3. Gayle said

    Congratulations, Mark! So glad to hear you’re well enough to go back to work. I’ve worked in both private and public psych hospitals. It’s wonderful, challenging work. Good luck.

  4. Mark said

    Thanks guys!

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