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Posted by Mark on March 27, 2006

I seldom step out from behind the curtain here at LJiC. This is not a personal diary. It’s a blog about the issues that have affected us all since 9/11. But a huge change is coming, and I wanted to share it with my friends and readers.

Tomorrow I’m going back to work. I’ve waited almost 2 years to say that, and tomorrow it will finally happen.

My health is better today than it was when I first developed severe breathing problems in August of 2004. So, I’ve taken a job on a locked psychiatric unit close to Chicago. It’s what I’ve done in the past, and I’m looking forward to it.

This blog has kept me from going nuts during my long illness. It’s grown from a couple of hits a day to over 500 a day, and still growing. Blogging was a full time job for me, as I could do nothing else. The computer room in the basement was the only place I could breathe for about 7 months, and focusing on the blogosphere and politics kept me from having to think about how sick I was, and the extreme cut in pay that going on disability meant. Tough times. The only constant during that period was my family, and the wonderful people who stopped by to read and comment here at LJiC. Thanks to all of you.

So, blogging will go back to being a hobby, instead of a full time job. You may see fewer posts from me, and certainly fewer daytime posts. But, thanks to Matt, you will still be able to read things that will bring you back to LJiC. Alot of the growth at this site is thanks to Matt. He’s been a great partner, and a good friend. That’s so odd, since the only time we’ve even heard each other voices was the other night when we overloaded the server. I’m hoping we can meet officially at Bloggerman next October. By then, I’ll have been employed for over a year, and this awful period of my life will be a distant memory.

But one part of this long convalescence that was not awful was this blog, and the friends I’ve made through it. Patricia, Matt, GTL, Craig, Gayle, and all the rest of you. You don’t know how much your emails and comments have meant over the past few months. And keep reading. I’ll still be around, and still be blogging. But like the rest of you, I’ll be doing it in my spare time now, instead of full time. I’ll be a therapist first, and a blogger second. It’s about time.

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A Speech to Remember

Posted by Mark on March 27, 2006

In this world of instant communication, it is tempting to believe words are at temporary as the junk email we routinely delete from our inboxes. But words have meaning. And great speeches continue long past the events that inspire them. In this time of war, I decided to look back on a 2nd Presidential Inaugural Address that will be remembered, and I believe, celebrated by historians. Here’s my favorite excerpt:

Bush 2nd Inaugural.jpgWe have seen our vulnerability – and we have seen its deepest source. For as long as whole regions of the world simmer in resentment and tyranny – prone to ideologies that feed hatred and excuse murder – violence will gather, and multiply in destructive power, and cross the most defended borders, and raise a mortal threat. There is only one force of history that can break the reign of hatred and resentment, and expose the pretensions of tyrants, and reward the hopes of the decent and tolerant, and that is the force of human freedom.

We are led, by events and common sense, to one conclusion: The survival of liberty in our land increasingly depends on the success of liberty in other lands. The best hope for peace in our world is the expansion of freedom in all the world.

America’s vital interests and our deepest beliefs are now one. From the day of our Founding, we have proclaimed that every man and woman on this earth has rights, and dignity, and matchless value, because they bear the image of the Maker of Heaven and earth. Across the generations we have proclaimed the imperative of self-government, because no one is fit to be a master, and no one deserves to be a slave. Advancing these ideals is the mission that created our Nation. It is the honorable achievement of our fathers. Now it is the urgent requirement of our nation’s security, and the calling of our time.

So it is the policy of the United States to seek and support the growth of democratic movements and institutions in every nation and culture, with the ultimate goal of ending tyranny in our world.

This is not primarily the task of arms, though we will defend ourselves and our friends by force of arms when necessary. Freedom, by its nature, must be chosen, and defended by citizens, and sustained by the rule of law and the protection of minorities. And when the soul of a nation finally speaks, the institutions that arise may reflect customs and traditions very different from our own. America will not impose our own style of government on the unwilling. Our goal instead is to help others find their own voice, attain their own freedom, and make their own way.

The great objective of ending tyranny is the concentrated work of generations. The difficulty of the task is no excuse for avoiding it. America’s influence is not unlimited, but fortunately for the oppressed, America’s influence is considerable, and we will use it confidently in freedom’s cause.

My most solemn duty is to protect this nation and its people against further attacks and emerging threats. Some have unwisely chosen to test America’s resolve, and have found it firm.

We will persistently clarify the choice before every ruler and every nation: The moral choice between oppression, which is always wrong, and freedom, which is eternally right. America will not pretend that jailed dissidents prefer their chains, or that women welcome humiliation and servitude, or that any human being aspires to live at the mercy of bullies.

We will encourage reform in other governments by making clear that success in our relations will require the decent treatment of their own people. America’s belief in human dignity will guide our policies, yet rights must be more than the grudging concessions of dictators; they are secured by free dissent and the participation of the governed. In the long run, there is no justice without freedom, and there can be no human rights without human liberty.

Some, I know, have questioned the global appeal of liberty – though this time in history, four decades defined by the swiftest advance of freedom ever seen, is an odd time for doubt. Americans, of all people, should never be surprised by the power of our ideals. Eventually, the call of freedom comes to every mind and every soul. We do not accept the existence of permanent tyranny because we do not accept the possibility of permanent slavery. Liberty will come to those who love it.

A few days after this speech, Iraqis went to the polls in huge numbers, and the ink-stained index finger became a symbol of freedom to us all.

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A Good Idea

Posted by zaphriel on March 27, 2006

Bush Presses Guest Worker Program for Illegals

WASHINGTON — Noting immigrants have shaped America’s identity, President Bush said Monday the United States “should not have to choose between being a welcoming society and being a lawful society” when dealing with illegal immigration.

mexicanfence.jpgThe president also pushed Congress to pass a “guest-worker” program that would let many illegal immigrants already in the United States stay for six years if they have jobs and have stayed out of criminal trouble.

“To keep the promise of America, we must enforce the laws of America. We must also reform those laws,” Bush said during a naturalization ceremony for 30 new Americans who took the long and legal path to citizenship. “Nobody benefits when illegal immigrants live in the shadows of society. America needs comprehensive immigration reform.”

Let’s face it; we need guest workers, unless you want to pay $5 for an orange. Immigration is the lifeblood of American society, but we can no longer allow people to break our laws and get away with it. We need to enforce our laws, all of them, or why have them to begin with. Along with that we need to look at our laws and ensure they are reasonable. Are we making undue demands on immigrants? If so we need to lighten up, if not, then we need to enforce those laws.

More important than that, however, is this, if an illegal immigrant can get across our border to be here illegally (for whatever reason), then so can any terrorist. THAT MUST STOP.

How can we call ourselves serous about the war on terror is we have borders that leak like sieves?

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The Question is … WHY?

Posted by zaphriel on March 27, 2006


Friend: Accused Wife of Slain Pastor Apologizes in Jail

SELMER, Tenn. — The preacher’s wife charged with murder in the death of her husband wanted his congregation to know “she was sorry for everything she has done,” said a friend who visited her in jail Sunday.

Church member Pam Killingsworth visited Mary Winkler after Sunday services and said the preacher’s wife gave no indication why her husband of 10 years was shot.

Why, why, Why?
What the heck happened here?
I am sure I am not the only one seeking this answer, why did she do it?
Something is very wrong here, very wrong.

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Vying For Martyrdome…

Posted by zaphriel on March 27, 2006


Moussaoui Admits Lying so Sept. 11 Attacks Could Go Forward

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — Al Qaeda conspirator Zacarias Moussaoui testified Monday he lied to investigators when arrested in August 2001 because he wanted to let the attacks of Sept. 11 go forward.

“Yes, you can say that,” Moussaoui said when the prosecution asked if that was why he misled them. The statement was key to the government’s case that the attacks might have been averted if Moussaoui had been more cooperative following his arrest.

He told the court he knew the attacks were coming some time after August 2001 and bought a radio so he could hear them unfold.

Specifically, he said he knew the World Trade Center was going to be attacked, but asserted he was not part of the plot and didn’t know the details.

A Man.. With a Death Wish…

He just handed the prosecutors their case in a basket. His lawyers were right to not want hime to testify.

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Gambling for Peace in Reno – A Comment

Posted by zaphriel on March 27, 2006


An Open Letter To Mr. Andrews (And All Other Peace Activists…)

Man that killed me not to say “Peaceniks“… But I want this to be a serious post…

Mr. Andrews,
As is our policy here, and because I have met you face to face, I will not attack you in this post, only your flawed argument. Remember this is solely my opinion.

The original Comment by Mr. Andrews can be found here… for brevities sake a I will only use selected quotes in this post, I have not edited these quotes in any way (except for length), and will attempt to not take them out of context.

DVC00154.JPG“you quoted me incorrectly… but you were close… i personally voted against the slogan that sierra interfaith came up with: support the troops, bring them home. … i argued that a truly antiwar statement wouldn’t include “support the troops” because that means support the war, which i don’t.”

Once again, Mr. Andrews, as in my originating Post, I commend you for being honest. One of my pet peeves about the anti-war movement is the inherent dishonesty in that statement.

” the only war i would have enlisted in was WWII, being Jewish.”

So Euro-Fascism is bad, because it threatened Jews. But Islamo-Fascism, is not worth fighting, even though it is now religious based Fascism, and it still threatens Jews, as well as any other religion that is not Islam. Read the rest of this entry »

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