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Bring It On! Reaches the Finals

Posted by Mark on March 22, 2006

Vote For Bring It On! Here.

Why do I spend valuable post space supporting Bring It On!, a liberal blog right up there with Daily Kos and The Huffington Post? If you take a look at the posts that are running right now, you will find them either making fun of a President I greatly respect and admire, or taking pot shots at a war I staunchly support. Seems to make no sense, and makes my Conservative readers and friends roll their eyes in disgust.

I support Bring It On! Ancient Eyes, FredBeihling, Gayle at Chaos, and a multitude of other liberal sites because I know the bloggers doing the writing to be good, honorable people. And because, with news and opinion at our fingertips as never before, we run the risk of falling in to a “closed information loop” of only reading and hearing our own viewpoints confirmed over and over.

Being caught in a closed information loop means we never think deeply about what we believe. It means our political viewpoints have never been challenged, never been thought through. And that means we simply repeat our talking points, without internalizing what we really believe.

I find my own views challenged by Bring It On! and the others, and I value that challenge. That’s why I’ll vote for them, and encourage my conservative readers to do the same.

4 Responses to “Bring It On! Reaches the Finals”

  1. Steve O said


    Thanks for the kind words and the endorsement. It really does mean a lot. I think everyone fights hard not to get caught in that loop you speak of. It’s not healthy, people really do need to read other points of view daily, if only to strenghten their stance. But sometimes someone throws a curve ball and makes you rethink your original convictions.

    Again thanks for the support!!!

  2. Jet said

    Without two sides to a discussion, we might as well just talk to ourselves. Thank you so much for the endorsement, Mark. BIO really appreciates it, your vote, and the votes of your audience.

  3. Joe Snitty said

    Thanks, Mark!

  4. Craig said

    You are a much better man than I…I’ve said that many times. I’m glad you have learned their language, I have not.

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