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According to the U.N. I’m a Racist

Posted by zaphriel on March 21, 2006

Michelle Malkin tells us all about it.


LegosStarWars.jpglegoyoda.jpgNow, I have been a BIG lego’s fan my whole life. I love legos, even today. My den is lined with lego’s of all types, my favorite being a half size replica of Yoda. I also have quite a few Danish family and friends, so by my very association, I must be racist.

I don’t care what the U.N. / P.C. crowd says, I’m not giving up my legos. (Some day I’ll have my holy grail…)


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News Flash – The Iraqi People Want Freedom

Posted by zaphriel on March 21, 2006

Bush Holds White House Press Conference

WASHINGTON — Saying that Iraqis had a chance to devolve into civil war after recent attacks on Muslim holy sites and car bombings in the streets, President Bush said Tuesday that Iraqis have demonstrated that they don’t want chaos in their country.

“We all recognize there is violence, that there is sectarian violence, but the way I look at is the Iraqis decided not to go to civil war,” Bush said in answering a reporter’s question in the White House briefing room.

“I believe we’re going to succeed and I understand how tough it is, you make it abundantly clear how tough it is. … But this is a moment where the Iraqis had a chance to fall apart and they didn’t.”

Now, the last few weeks, while all of this was happening, I thought for sure, Civil war was inevitable. Allot of fishy stuff was going on (as usual), but somehow, immediate Civil War was averted… I wonder what stabilizing force was there to assure that? Could it be the “EVIL occupiers”? This is where the Pull out now crowd goes wrong… If we had not been there advising and assisting the Iraqis, no doubt there would be a massive civil war. The highly touted (but doubtful) 100,000 Civilian deaths would rise exponentially.

But of course, we are wrong in all of this we should allow the U.N. to do the work right?

U.N. Troubles

UNITED NATIONS — Britain’s strategy for persuading Iran to give up its nuclear ambitions calls for sanctions that could be enforced militarily if diplomacy fails, but getting U.N. Security Council members Russia and China on board will be a struggle.

Britain, the United States, France and Germany are having trouble just getting China and Russia to agree on a Security Council statement calling on Iran to suspend uranium enrichment. Senior diplomats from the six countries met for 4 1/2 hours on Monday, apparently achieving little.

U.S. Ambassador John Bolton had expressed hope that the statement could be adopted after council discussions Tuesday afternoon. But after Monday’s meeting, U.S. Undersecretary of State Nicholas Burns said more time was needed for negotiations.

“It may take a little bit of time, but it’s going to be worth the time because when we do achieve that statement, it will be yet another clear unified message by the international community,” Burns said.

The U.N. can’t even agree that a long time terrorist nation should not have a Nuclear program, so much for the united and clear statement. Not that is does any good as the U.N. gave several “united and clear” statements to Saddam, with no effect.

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