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Gambling For Peace in Reno – The Pictures

Posted by zaphriel on March 19, 2006

Most of the group, before the A.N.S.W.E.R. crowd showed up.

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Gambling For Peace in Reno

Posted by zaphriel on March 19, 2006

Welcome Michelle Malkin Readers, please stay a while and have a look around.

the_sign.jpgMan, am I pumped. I just finished my first anti-anti-war protest, (essentially PRO-war, but it’s not PC to say that.) About 25 of us showed up on short notice to provide and opposing viewpoint to A.N.S.W.E.R. and their friends. The event was supposed to be at Noon, so we were there at 11:30am and at about 12:30 the anti war hippies showed up singing (I’m not kidding about this) “Give peace a chance”.

daddyImscared.JPGNow this group admittedly was very organized, and rather civil, and they outnumbered us 16 to 1. They generally ignored us, but the press got their sensationalistic shots. I actually met a few of them that were reasonable and you could have an intelligent conversation with, but by-in-large they were anti war blind liberals, screaming about how Bush was a baby killer.

Many of us got it all on tape and should have snippets soon, but allot of what I saw from the hippies was confusion, and a lack of straight answers. I started to have fun with them by asking direct questions in front of a camera just to see how long they would talk about what I asked before meandering off into dhimmitudinal la la land (the average was about 15 seconds) and then watch as they spiral off on their preprogrammed diatribe. It was actually comical.

Pictures to Follow (as soon as I get them, I forgot to take my camera, a mistake I will not do again.)

Pictures are Up
and there is more on the subject at Battle Born News and Stop The ACLU

Some MSM Coverage of the event.

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The Myths of Iraq

Posted by Mark on March 19, 2006

On the 3rd anniversary of the opening of the Iraqi front of WWIV, there are no end of stories on the protests. What is less covered is the mythology the left uses to promote the protests. Here’s a couple of myth busters for your enjoyment.

Ralph Peters discusses the multiple myths of Iraq, and the reality.

Stephen Hayes takes on the litany: Saddam had no connection to Al Qaeda.

And, finally, a semi-well balanced, at least for them, editorial from the Los Angeles Times.

As my favorite investigator says, The Truth is Out There. Trouble is, the left simply refuses to look at it.

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Anti-War Protestors (Yawn) Out in (Yawn) Force…Not

Posted by Mark on March 19, 2006

Oh darn. The protestors tried to make a big show, and the MSM certainly worked hard to give them the numbers,but it just didn’t happen. Guess free elections, with huge participation, and a free Iraq will do that.

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