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Is It Just Me…

Posted by Mark on March 17, 2006

Or is this one of the more disturbing pictures in awhile?
clinton child.jpg
I’m sorry, but I simply would not allow this man, former President or not, to hug my child. I mean, who knows where those hands have been. At least he’s not holding a cigar…

4 Responses to “Is It Just Me…”

  1. Gayle said


    This is one of the things I find confusing about the reactions of some people to President Clinton. In this picture, he’s holding a child. Why do you find that disturbing?

    Clinton had an affair with a grown woman. If I remember correctly, Monica Lewinsky was 24 years old (or somewhere in her 20’s). It’s true she was much younger than Clinton, but relationships with big age differences go on all the time. Many women of that age are married with children.

    As far as I know, Bill Clinton was never suspected of being a pedophile.

    I don’t condone what he did, but I don’t see any wrong in his hugging a child.

  2. Matthew said

    I don’t trust his intent (reason behind the picture) either, Mark, but I find nothing sickening about this image.

  3. Mark said

    Ummm, guys. It was a joke. Apparently not a very good one, however…sigh.

  4. Gayle said


    Sorry to get on the ole soap box. My sense of humor must still be on vacation! I’ll call my dad and see if he can mail it back to me!

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