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Finally, Some Competition for Google

Posted by Mark on March 15, 2006

I’m currently reading The Search, by John Batelle. (You can find it at Liberty Recommends in the right sidebar.) It’s not just a history of the rise of Google and other search engines, but a look at how internet Searching has changed our culture over the past ten years. Great book so far, but reading a book on the history of the internet is like reading ancient history. It’s filled with outdated words like GoTo, WebCrawler, and even Gopher. Yet, I used all of those at one time or another. After all, it was only ten to 15 years ago.

One of the key figures in the history of Search is Bill Gross, founder of GoTo/Overture, IdeaLabs, Magellan and a dozen other startups. His current startup is Having tried it for just a few minutes, I’m already hooked. It’s now a part of my home tabs in Firefox. The snap News feature is far superior to GoogleNews, and the WebSearch feature seems to bring back far more relevant links than Google, at least so far. Check it out for yourself, and let me know what you think.

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