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My Blogiversary

Posted by zaphriel on March 13, 2006

Wow, it’s been a whole year already. I almost forgot, it has been a very busy day for me. SO much has happened this year, all of it begging for my time. I started with Birth of a Neocon as Zaphriel and moved on through several evolutions since then. All of it is now transferred here to Liberty Just In Case, because Mark was generous enough to allow me to muscle into his little corner of the web. I have to thank Mark profusely, because without him, I would have never made it to my one year point.

So thanks to everyone, who has read my work, and encouraged me along the way, and in a weird way, I would like to thank my adversaries and trolls, for they gave me plenty of fodder.

OK, Blogiversary over, now back to the show.


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The MSM, Wal-Mart and Bloggers

Posted by Mark on March 13, 2006

Last week I posted Wal-Mart in My Email, about the attack by the MSM on bloggers posting stories from Wal-Mart. Thanks to Hugh Hewitt for this story from the Washington Post on the ongoing kerfluffle. And, Richard Edelman, CEO of the company doing the emails has a few things to say at his own blog.

The reporter who did the story from The New York Times, Michael Barbaro, comes across as somewhat immature. But based on his publicity picture, that doesn’t surprise me.

New York Times Reporter Senior Picture.jpg

Surely Mr. Barbaro sent his High School Senior picture by mistake. He can’t be that…well…young, can he? Please, somebody tell me the news isn’t being covered by The Kids Next Door.

Garth, you were right once again. Time to go take my Ensure shake and Metamucil. sigh.

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