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Any Port in a Storm: So, Are You Feeling Safer Now?

Posted by Mark on March 9, 2006

At least someone has shown some sense over this issue. It’s a shame it’s not anyone in the United States. The Emir obviously values the UAE’s relationship with the United States a lot more than Republicans value their relationship to the President. This was a shameful day for Congressional Republicans. They caved. The President didn’t. And neither did the UAE. But I wouldn’t blame the UAE a bit if they did pull funds and contracts from the U.S. after this debacle. I hope they don’t. They’ve been a good ally in the war, and frankly, Congress just spit in their eye. My Republican Congress. It’s been a long time since I felt so deeply angry at members of my own Party.

4 Responses to “Any Port in a Storm: So, Are You Feeling Safer Now?”

  1. Matthew said

    The fallout from this is going to be far and wide, this in my opinion is one of the worst outcomes we could have had from this situation, we have been chopped off at the knees, not unrecoverable, but bad.

  2. Mark –

    I’m with you, man. This outright demagoguery from the Democrats is at least (politically) understandable — they saw a big weakness and got in the first blow which found a hook with the public.

    The mass exodus of the Republicans – even BEFORE the 45-day review began, was truly heartbreaking. They have made a complete mess of any advantage the majority once had. I might even prefer some democrats over some of these asses.

    And now it remains to be seen if the UAE will change their attitudes toward our Navy, Air Force and business – all of which have found extraordinary accomodation there up until now. And God forbid we get into a struggle with Iran and suddenly need the UAE ALOT more than we need them now.

  3. USA Patriot said

    You are absolutely wrong, handing our ports over to arabs is an act of treason.

    All arabs are subhuman filth and deserve nothing less than to be slaughtered. Every last arab man, woman, and child must be brutally beaten and executed if we wish to win the war on terrorism.

    Instead of sending our young soldiers to die for these filthy beasts in iraq they should be erecting gas chambers and ridding the world of this vile population one arab country after another.

    God bless America

  4. Mark said

    I considered deleting the above comment as spam, which it most assuredly is. I decided to allow it to be seen as an example of just how far out of touch some people are. It staggers me to think that there are people out there who would right this kind of B.S. But there they are.

    The line between wolf and sheepdog is thin ideed, and this fool who calls himself a “patriot” most assuredly crossed the line to being a rabid wolf. You have only to replace the word “arab” with “non-muslim” and you would have a perfect representation of the thoughts of Al-Qaeda.

    Don’t worry. No other comments from this creep will be accepted here.

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