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Liquid Water Volcanoes on One of Saturn’s Moons

Posted by Mark on March 9, 2006

This certainly helped cheer me up after the Republican-led stupidity of DPWorld.
The blue ridges at the bottom of the moon are vents, spewing warm liquid water into space. The implications to manned colonies are enormous. Encaladus smaller.jpg

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Any Port in a Storm: So, Are You Feeling Safer Now?

Posted by Mark on March 9, 2006

At least someone has shown some sense over this issue. It’s a shame it’s not anyone in the United States. The Emir obviously values the UAE’s relationship with the United States a lot more than Republicans value their relationship to the President. This was a shameful day for Congressional Republicans. They caved. The President didn’t. And neither did the UAE. But I wouldn’t blame the UAE a bit if they did pull funds and contracts from the U.S. after this debacle. I hope they don’t. They’ve been a good ally in the war, and frankly, Congress just spit in their eye. My Republican Congress. It’s been a long time since I felt so deeply angry at members of my own Party.

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In a Perfect World…

Posted by Mark on March 9, 2006

…Congressmen would know what they’re talking about before shooting off their mouths.

Gayle over at Chaos found a great article from The Washington Post on congressional oversight of the NSA surveillance program. Great read. And a great new blog from a writer on the left.

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Any Port in a Storm: A Great Post

Posted by Mark on March 9, 2006

Bob over at Crazy Politico’s Rantings has a great post on the ongoing port debate. He has some must read links. The first is from Robert Reich at The San Francisco Chronicle, and the other is from the Baltimore Sun. The fact that I find myself agreeing with Robert Reich, Jimmah Carter, and…and…and…(can I even type this?) Bill Clinton gives me the jitters, but there it is. At least I’m in good company with Bob, Matt, and the President.

On the other side of the storm, GunToting Liberal has a great post on the Republican vote yesterday. As I wrote in my comment to him, I think he’s giving my party way too much credit. They aren’t smart enough on this one to work out a compromise. They really think this is a loser for the President. I still believe their opposition is a loser for the country.

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