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Iraq: What You Aren’t Hearing

Posted by Mark on March 7, 2006

Great article from National Review. And the link to USAID is wonderful. Why isn’t the MSM reporting any of this?

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Wal-Mart in My E-Mail

Posted by Mark on March 7, 2006

Actually, Wal-Mart has never contacted me or Matt. Guess I haven’t put up a post about Wal-Mart in awhile. But, according to this story from The New York Times, reported in their usual snide, arrogant style, Wal-Mart is making a concerted effort to get their message out, and are bypassing the MSM to do it. I’m thinking that’s what really griped The Old Grey Lady’s cookies. How dare Wal-Mart go around them to get their message out?!? Not that the Times would actually print anything positive about Wal-Mart. That would be politically incorrect, wouldn’t it?

As Liberty Just in Case has grown, so has the number of bloggers looking for me to put up a link to their posts. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. Depends on rather the post fits the news that day, rather I like it or not, and sometimes on rather I have the time. I get an email from Centcom about twice a week, and an occasional tip from a Lt. in Centcom’s public relations department. If I post his stuff, I put any direct quotes in blockquotes.

Most of the time, I tell where I get stuff. Sometimes, I don’t. The last book I plugged, Prayers for the Assassin, I got directly from the publisher as a preproduction copy. So happened I liked the book. If I hadn’t, I would have said so here on LJiC. I think folks know that.

The last thing bloggers need is to get as snide and pretentious as The New York Times. If you’re reading this, the chances are you also have a blog. You may shell out some money for a dot com, or you may use Blogger. You are probably like me, sitting in your basement, or your bedroom, or a bedroom you’ve turned in to a study, and working on the computer you still owe money on, in your house that you also owe money on. You don’t go to fancy parties with “media elite” and you don’t get thousands of hits a day. You’re happy if you get a hundred hits a day, or maybe even a week. And it makes your day when someone leaves a nice comment, or puts you on their blogroll. You may have a few folks who read what you write regularly, and you likely return the favor.

And (now hear me on this) that’s okay. In fact, that’s great! You’ve got a voice, and you use it. When bloggers forget where they are (in their basement, in their jammies, with a glass of wine at two in the morning typing on their 2-5 year old computer), and begin to think they are “journalists” they begin (as they say in Oklahoma) to “put on airs.” When you begin to think that you are more than just a person with a blog, you stop being a blogger. And you lose something essential in your writing…humility.

That’s when you suddenly find yourself with a site called “OpenSource Media.” Fortunately, smaller heads prevailed, and changed the name to Pajamas Media. A much less pretentious, and more accurate name for a bunch of bloggers getting together.

So, if you get an email from Wal-Mart, saying you’ve been noticed, say “Yippee!” grab another glass of Corbett Canyon Chardonnay (ummm, not a sponsor of LJiC. I just like the stuff), and read the email. If you like what it says, post it, saying where you got it. If you don’t, go on to something else. That’s what bloggers do. In their cold basements. In their jammies. At two in the morning. Be sure to turn off the space heater before you go up to bed, okay?

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By the time the election rolls around, people are going to know where Democrats stand.” Harry Reid

Posted by Mark on March 7, 2006

But will anyone care by then?

The struggles of the Defeatocrats appearing in the Washington post is an ominous sign. All of Washington will read this story. Republican will be laughing, Dems will be shaking their heads. But all will agree on the basic truth of this story.

It’s March of ’06, and the elections are in November. Democrats still haven’t produced a coherent message of what they are for, what they believe, or what they stand for. So far, their policies can be summed up by Groucho Marx:

I don’t know what they have to say
It makes no difference anyway
Whatever it is, I’m against it.
No matter what it is or who commenced it, I’m against it!
Your proposition may be good
But let’s have one thing understood:
Whatever it is, I’m against it.
And even when you’ve changed it or condensed it, I’m against it!
For months before my son was born
I used to yell from night till morn:
Whatever it is, I’m against it!
And I’ve kept yelling since I’ve first commenced it, I’m against it.

And Harry, Hillary, Nancy, Ted and Senator Dick just aren’t as funny as Groucho. Even with help from a great backup singer like, to use Senator’s Kennedy’s words, Osama Obama.
hillary smile.jpg
Groucho Marx.jpg

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