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Court Says Colleges Can Ban Military Recruiters.

Posted by Mark on March 6, 2006

Universities can stay true to their hallowed leftist ideology. They have every right to do that, and should. Of course, they’ll have to do it without Federal funding. But to hold to your beliefs is the important thing, even if funding is cut.

I’m sure that after the 8-0 Supreme Court decision today, Yale, Harvard, and the other “elite” schools will simply make adjustments. Perhaps the janitorial staff can be replaced with professors. Untenured Profs could do the bathrooms. Tenured Profs could mop floors. This would save scads of money, and still allow these bastions of “liberal” thought to keep those nasty military off their pristine campuses.

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Posted by zaphriel on March 6, 2006

While I am on this long trip to nowhere, as with all of my business trips, I get a chance to see the world from a different perspective. On this trip, to beautiful Hampton Virginia, there is a strange mix of Northern and Southern culture. The people are pleasant and the weather is erratic, another true slice of America. And still even here, Hollywood is completely out of touch.

Speaking of Hollywood, I found the Oscars to be Under-Whelming, almost more than usual. One saving grace, they revered artificial and “powerful” race relations over forced acceptance of cowboy love. Narnia won one, and Clooney expressed his pride in being out of touch, inferring that because Hollywood once gave and award to a black person, that it has ever since always been right.

It’s not their fault really, in the most PC of traditions, I blame us. Not that we have a choice, other than to continue to patronize movies we do like and then sit in awe as they continue to award awards to those that don’t do so well, just so they feel better about themselves.

I am away from home, but I am still watching.

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