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For The Two or Three Out There Who Care…

Posted by Mark on March 5, 2006

here’s the list of Oscar winners. Yawn. For an honest list of great movies of the year, see LJiC’s list, and it’s winner, Walk the Line.

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Best Movies of the Year: LJiC’s List

Posted by Mark on March 5, 2006

First, can The Lord of the Rings trilogy win this year too? Spent the weekend watching this remarkable mini-series split into three long movies. Marvelous film-making. This epic makes Jackson’s King Kong look like a chimp throwing his poop around the cage.

Assuming we have to choose movies we’ve seen this year, here are the nominees for Best Picture:
The Greatest Game Ever Played. A wonderful look at life, sport, and courage. If you haven’t seen it, you’ve missed a great one.

The Chronicles of Narnia. Also winner of Best Special Effects here at LJiC. The best adaptation of C.S. Lewis’s epic books ever made. Worth seeing twice.

Walk the Line. Since, for LJiC, Joaquin Phoenix won best actor, this makes sense as best movie of the year. A staggering achievement in movie-making.

And the winner is…

With it’s compelling story, and compelling acting from both Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon, Walk the Line. All three are must see viewing, but the story of Johnny Cash trancends film, and is a worthy winner. Congratulations to all three nominees. All should be on your must have DVD list in the coming months. There were good movies this year. It’s a shame the Oscars refused to acknowledge them.

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