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Dodging a Bullet in Oklahoma?

Posted by Mark on March 3, 2006

This story zipped by so fast you may not remember it. A student blew himself up 170 yards from a packed OU-Kansas State football game on 10/1/05. The claim at the time was the kid was simply a “disturbed loner.” Well, maybe not:

NORMAN – A Norman police bomb expert said Tuesday he does not believe University of Oklahoma student Joel Henry Hinrichs III committed suicide by blowing himself up outside a packed football stadium.

“I believe he accidentally blew himself up,” Sgt. George Mauldin said.

Mauldin said Hinrichs, 21, an engineering student, had two to three pounds of triacetone triperoxide, commonly known as TATP, in a backpack in his lap when it exploded Oct. 1.

When asked if he believed Hinrichs meant to enter the stadium with the explosives, Mauldin replied, “I don’t believe he intended for an explosion to occur at that spot (on the park bench).”

“Some of us will forever wonder what he (Hinrichs) was doing at that time, at that place,” Police Chief Phil Cotten said.

Hinrichs was sitting on a park bench 173 yards from the OU stadium during the second quarter of OU’s night game against Kansas State when the TATP inside his backpack detonated.

“Someone saw him fiddling with it (the backpack) shortly before the explosion occurred. I think he got cocky, and it went off,” Mauldin said.

And there’s more:

Mauldin said investigators found “quite a bit more” explosive material inside Hinrichs’ Parkview apartment on Sooner Drive, southeast of Lindsey Street and Stinson Drive.

A pint-size Tupperware container on a counter was filled with TATP Hinrichs had manufactured, Mauldin said.

A pill bottle packed with TATP with a fuse stuck in it was found behind a computer, he said.

The FBI reported in November that 0.4 pound of TATP was found inside Hinrichs’ apartment. TATP is the most unstable explosive known and is “the explosive of choice” in the Middle East, Mauldin said. “It is so volatile, even a small amount on the tip of a finger will explode if it comes within 8 inches of a match,” Mauldin said.

Investigators also found a quantity of acetone and hydrogen, components necessary for manufacturing TATP, inside the student’s apartment.

“We found evidence of him compressing TATP, which is foolhardy, given its properties,” Mauldin said.

I can’t help thinking of Jayna Davis’ book The Third Terrorist. There is mounting suspicion that Oklahoma has ties to terrorism dating back at least to 1995. Could this near miss in October be another piece of evidence of these ties?

2 Responses to “Dodging a Bullet in Oklahoma?”

  1. Big bro said

    little bro.

    who cares if he was tied to some kind of conspiracy that sob could have been sitting next to me that night. I am just glad OU doesnt allow back packs into the stadium…I give my hat off to OU officials that night they had a plan in effect for such crazies and it worked. They informed people what to do and where not to go after the game. It was kind of nerve racking wondering if there was another crazy in the 86,000 plus that left the stadium that night but every one still came back and proved that the OKLAHOMA SPIRIT can not be scared off.

  2. Mark said

    I’m glad nothing happened during the game you attended, big bro. But the point is that Oklahoma remains an Islamo-fascist center after the Murrah Building explosion right up to the present day. Until this connection is exposed, Norman and the surrounding area continues to be at risk.

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