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Do You Want This in Your School? Part II

Posted by Mark on March 2, 2006

Illinois Family Institute has released this news alert for The People’s Republic of Illinois. I don’t want my elementary child learning this:

On January 28, 2000, the Illinois Caucus for Adolescent Health submitted an application for funding to the Illinois State Board of Education to teach the following curricula to Illinois teens:
Focus on Kids (ages 9-15)— Youth will practice the proper way to put on a condom. Divide youth into two teams and give everyone a condom. Have the teams stand in two lines and give the first person in each line a dildo or cucumber. Each person on the team must put the condom on the dildo or cucumber and take it off. The team that finishes first wins.

And I don’t want my teenager learning this at school:

Becoming a Responsible Teen (ages 14-18)— Sometimes people don’t have a water-based lubricant handy. If you were trying to find something around the house, or at a convenience store, to use as a substitute what would be safe? Some grocery store lubricants are safe to use if they do not contain oil: GRAPE JELLY, maple syrup, and honey.

What I do want my children learning is something like this. You tell me, which one is the agenda of Planned Parenthood and the ACLU? Which curricula is likely to be pushed by the political activists of the left?

7 Responses to “Do You Want This in Your School? Part II”

  1. Public School Preoccupations…

    If I find a teacher waving a dildo around in his classroom full of kids, I’ll find a nice dark place to permanently lodge that dildo……

  2. Ann Jordan said

    Apparently the parents either don’t care or aren’t aware.

  3. Mark said

    Oh, we are aware alright. Calls are being made to various state reps and senators. This issue isn’t going away, especially in an election year.

  4. Angel said

    Honestly nobody sane would send their kids to public school anymore……..good Lord!

  5. Gayle said

    I have to say I’m torn on this issue. No, I don’t want my teenager (and I have a 15-year-old daughter) learning this at school. She and I talk openly and, while I have always advocated abstinence, I also realize that teens are human like the rest of us, and there may come a time hormones overcome everything else.

    I think kids should learn things like this at home. The problem is that there are lots of kids out there whose parents aren’t going to teach them these things at home. I’m not too sure about the methods they are using to teach these subjects, but the message is a good one. If you’re going to have sex, at least have safe sex.

  6. Nariel said

    When my children attended APS in New Mexico, they were required to take the sex ed in the 5th grade. This class utilized condoms and bananas, to illustrate the usage.. I was rather appalled at the graphic nature of it myself.. especially given that I had no idea it would GO that way..*sigh*

    While I do see the reasoning in offering sex ed in the public school system, I do appreciate when a parent may at the very least.. opt out for their child.
    Call me old fashioned, BUT I still believe that everything a child needs to know, they can learn at home.. from the parents that love them and have their best interests at heart.

    To say.. “this is how you do it..” is much different then to VISUALLY illustrate it.. the assumption that our children are so stupid that they can’t “get it” without some vulgar display is ridiculous..

    I have to agree with the above commentor.. anyone that has their kids in the public schools anymore, should really think twice and thrice about the other options.. the public school is not what it used to be, folks!

  7. Yah…and they wonder why homeschooling is on the rise.


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