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Any Port in a Storm : Part V

Posted by zaphriel on February 26, 2006

Ports Deal to Get Broader Security Review

WASHINGTON (AP) – The Bush administration said Sunday it will accept an extraordinary offer by a United Arab Emirates-based company to submit to a second – and broader – U.S. review of potential security risks in its deal to take over significant operations at six leading American ports. The plan averts an impending political showdown.

The Treasury Department said in a statement it will promptly begin the review once the company formally files a request for one. It said the same government panel that earlier investigated the deal but found no reason for national security concerns will reconsider it.

Amazing wouldn’t you say, for a company that is SOOOO dangerous, to submit voluntarily to an extra security check, just to ease the growing political tensions…

This is the type of ally UAE and DPW have been all along…

Like I said last week, UAE and Qatar both bend over backwards for us.

At least this appears to be a good compromise solution for once, and should put this issue to bed… Finally.

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The Da Vinci Code: Time to Start Boning Up on Your Theology and History

Posted by Mark on February 26, 2006

HT to Hugh Hewitt for this one.
The Da Vinci Code was a great read, a real thriller. A good work of fiction. Trouble is, a lot of ignorant people are taking it as fact. More will be taking it as “gospel” when the movie is released. The Da Vinci Dialogue is a great place to find the facts behind the fiction. As the buildup to the movie goes in to full swing, I’ll be linking to other sites that reveal the truth behind the lies. Here’s a look at a great one, from Christianity Today.

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Two Deaths, A Million Memories

Posted by Mark on February 25, 2006

Don Knotts and Darren McGavin both died today. Both brought joy and laughter to our lives. Both will be missed. Kolchak1.jpgknottsdon.jpg

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A 19th Century Gentleman’s Behavior Around a Lady: What We’ve Lost

Posted by Mark on February 25, 2006

There is very little here that would not be just as applicable today. In giving up these rules of behavior for the sake of “equality” we have lost much that makes us a civil society. HT to StumbleUpon

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Weekend Funnies

Posted by zaphriel on February 25, 2006


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Spider-Man In Black?

Posted by zaphriel on February 24, 2006

sedyas_spidey.jpgOK Geek time…

I was following down a different story when I came across another story in the sidebar of this Denver News Channel site…

Maguire’s New ‘Spider-Man’ Suit Comes In Black

Tobey Maguire will be back — in black — for “Spider-Man 3.”

spidey3black.jpgSony Pictures released Friday a teaser poster of Maguire wearing a black Spidey suit for the next installment in the blockbuster film series.

Targeted for a May 4, 2007, release, the film stars Maguire, returning for another spin as Peter Parker/Spider-Man, as well as Kirsten Dunst as Mary Jane Watson and James Franco as Harry Osborne.

Sam Raimi is also back to direct his third Spidey film.

The studio announced previously that Thomas Haden Church and Topher Grace would be playing villains in the film. Sony said in October that Church would be playing Spider-Man’s nemesis Flint Marko/Sandman.

A new image has been released from the Spiderman 3 movie camp.


Superherohype has an exclusive image from Spider-man 3. In the image, Spider-man appears to be wearing a black costume?

So what’s the big deal?

It depicts Spiderman in a Black Costume, any comic book geek knows what that means…

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Any Port in a Storm: Part IV

Posted by zaphriel on February 24, 2006

ports_teamsters3.jpgFurther proof that Mark and I we’re right…

The Teamsters oppose it…

Lawsuits Filed to Stop Ports Takeover, Deal on Hold

WASHINGTON — Nearly a week after sparking a political firestorm, the United Arab Emirates-owned management company bidding to take over operations of 21 U.S. ports offered to delay part of its $6.8 billion deal.

ports_teamsters.jpgThe Teamsters on Friday held “Goodbye Dubai: Secure America’s Ports” rallies at about 20 U.S. ports, including those in Miami, Baltimore, Boston, Houston, Newark, N.J., and Savanna, Ga. The Teamsters is the umbrella union organization whose members include thousands of American port workers.

At first I was disturbed at coming in on the same side as Jimmy Carter (one of my favorite whipping boys), but now that the Teamsters have spoken up against the deal… I feel allot more comfortable supporting it.

TB @ StopTheACLU

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Support for Denmark

Posted by zaphriel on February 24, 2006

and freedom of speech
Update: The Video that explains it all.

Vital Perspective has full coverage of the Pro-Freedom Rally outside the D.C. Danish Embassy.

My favorite Image from the event…
I love Legos.

But this one pretty much sums up my feelings on this and many things.
Silence and compliance are not choice. For true change to occure people must choose it, not be forced into it.

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And Now for Something Old…

Posted by zaphriel on February 24, 2006

Another thing I wished would go away…

But since it didn’t… Lets look at some more cartoons on the subject…


There now is trouble in Malaysia… Over that cartoon… This from Michelle Malkin
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Coming Around

Posted by zaphriel on February 24, 2006

Mark and I are both sick of this story. It really is much ado about nothing

Even Day by Day is coming around…


Hopefully that trend will continue…

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