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The Da Vinci Code: Time to Start Boning Up on Your Theology and History

Posted by Mark on February 26, 2006

HT to Hugh Hewitt for this one.
The Da Vinci Code was a great read, a real thriller. A good work of fiction. Trouble is, a lot of ignorant people are taking it as fact. More will be taking it as “gospel” when the movie is released. The Da Vinci Dialogue is a great place to find the facts behind the fiction. As the buildup to the movie goes in to full swing, I’ll be linking to other sites that reveal the truth behind the lies. Here’s a look at a great one, from Christianity Today.

2 Responses to “The Da Vinci Code: Time to Start Boning Up on Your Theology and History”

  1. Nariel said

    As a person who has walked for a time, both sides of the issue, from non-believer to believer.. the largest problem that I have with DaVinci Code is this:

    For those that have got no belief at all, are fallen away or are pagans that still have a spirit that would come to Jesus –the DaVinci Code paints a picture of him that is not historically accurate and is not true to the heart of the Bible’s message of Jesus Christ’s Divinity. For those that might wish to “come home” through watching or reading DaVinci Code–they are coming home to what pray tell? A Jesus that is not the person, the God, the Messiah of the World..but a man.. not much more, not much less.. and so people are confused… Believe you me.. confusion for those that are would be believers is not an asset..
    I don’t know if that is making sense.. but to take Jesus and make him an ‘everyday joe’ is not conveying what the human heart, that is broken and weary needs to see.. its simple.. they need a Savior.. not Joe Smith from next door! The whole thing smacks of pagan influence and the 1/2 truths that erode the REAL truth.
    I think, it could be used as an evangelization tool.. if people were of a mind to set others straight, but I think that the work needed to take a fiction movie or book and mine out the truth of it and the lies, as Mark said above.. is more work then some will do.. or know how to do.
    I look forward to reading the clips and links that you provide Mark. Good notetaking ones I’m sure!

  2. Matthew said

    we do need to press the issue that the Davinci code is excellent fiction and nothing more. It is well written with elements of truth like all good drama, but it is still, just fiction.

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