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Support for Denmark

Posted by zaphriel on February 24, 2006

and freedom of speech
Update: The Video that explains it all.

Vital Perspective has full coverage of the Pro-Freedom Rally outside the D.C. Danish Embassy.

My favorite Image from the event…
I love Legos.

But this one pretty much sums up my feelings on this and many things.
Silence and compliance are not choice. For true change to occure people must choose it, not be forced into it.

6 Responses to “Support for Denmark”

  1. Angel said

    tru tru Matt..and now I hear many of the image uploader services on line are closing pples accounts if they try to upload the cartoons..what next?!

  2. Freedom’s JusT AnotheR Word for Nothing Left to Lose …

    “In the war on terror, as during the cold war, the ultimate weapon has been freedom: free elections, free speech, free trade, for instance. But Hamas’s win in the Palestinian vote, protests over the Muhammad cartoons, and a US debate over an Arab fir…

  3. Angel said

    I linked to this post..:)

  4. Matthew said

    Thank God I have my own server…

  5. Sammenholden, Danish For Solidarity. Where Has Hollywood Been On Denmark Support?…

    Christopher Hitchens was the driving force behind a pro-Denmark/pro-free speech held at the Danish Embassy today. Michelle Malkin has compiled a great list of bloggers who covered the event, including many with photo and video. You can watch video of…..

  6. […] Go see: Liberty Just in Casefor pictures from the Pro-Freedom Rally outside the D.C. Danish Embassy […]

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