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While The MSM Throws It’s Cheney Tantrum…

Posted by Mark on February 19, 2006

…stories like the Saddam Tapes go unreported. Pay particular attention to the excellent Saddam WMD Powerpoint Presentation.ppt. As the opening slides state:

Some items are clear and unambiguous, and others are open to various interpretations. Some of the interpretations are the difference between bad and worse.

When you have a choice between bad and worse, you know you’re in trouble.

If you have chosen not to contribute to Bill Gates’ retirement fund, you can also open the presentation with OpenOffice. It’s a FREE download, and functions very much the same, and in some ways with more stability, than Microsoft’s version. Did I mention it was FREE?

5 Responses to “While The MSM Throws It’s Cheney Tantrum…”

  1. Matthew said

    Interesting, Very interesting

  2. Yea, I’ve heard enough whining about this that I think you conservatives should all band together and hold a weekly blogburst on this. Isn’t that what you do when something it becomes obvious a majority of conservatives are in a “tizzy”? People like you complain about the MSM but you are still going on about it. That’s just as bad.

  3. jimmyb said

    Interesting indeed.
    Is open office like StarOffice used to be?

  4. Mark said

    Same idea, Jim. But OpenOffice is much better than StarOffice, and gets better with each version. I use it primarily, even though I forked over the bucks for Office 2003 when I bought the new computer last year. OpenOffice really does set the standard for Open Source software.

  5. Mark said

    I’m sure you have heard enough, CV. Just plug your ears, keep the truth out of your safe, left-wing world. Repeat loudly “Saddam had no WMD, Saddam had no WMD…”

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