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Weekend Funnies

Posted by zaphriel on February 18, 2006

I know posting is slow on the weekend, but that’s no excuse… so I’m gonna try this this weekend, and if we all like it, maybe it will continue.

Drug War Field Report

Should we keep this feature? let us know, leave comments, please.

lets stay on the Law and Order subject shall we?



1) He took public transportation to and from his bank robbery.

2) He is using his seeing eye dog as a look-out.

3) Instead of a cherry pie, she shoplifted yeast, flour, eggs, and a jar of cherries.

4) You caught him driving a stolen car with “The Club” still on.

5) He tries to convince you that he thought crack was a breakfast cereal.

6) He responds to your use of verbal force with a bunch of “Yo’momma” oneliners.

7) He makes himself laugh every time he says he’s innocent.

8) He claims diplomatic immunity because he’s a citizen of the Republic of Texas.

9) He asks the judge for a senior citizen discount on his 7-year sentence.

10) He left footprints and a bloody glove at the crime scene.


2 Responses to “Weekend Funnies”

  1. Bloody funny. Looks like he was ready to eat a raw elephant’s a** when the takes were over….
    Edited for language – Z.

  2. Matthew said

    Yes, he was totally toasted, almost seemed staged, but I have seen them burn stuff like this, and most of the soldiers know at least to stay upwind of the smoke.

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