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The UFP Involved in Cheney Conspiracy! Alert David Gregory!

Posted by Mark on February 16, 2006

From the sheriff’s report of “The Cheney Shooting:”
It is apparent that “Charles” is an alias, often used by the Captain when engaged in travel back to more primitive times and cultures. Reports of a tall, stockingcapped companion with arched eyebrows could not be confirmed, but can be “logically” assumed based on reports from Helen Thomas and Dana Milbank. The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy is obviously more vast than even, Daily Kos, and Unadulterated Underdog imagined. May the conspiracy live long and prosper.

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The French Grasp of the Obvious

Posted by zaphriel on February 16, 2006

France: Iran Nuke Program a Military Cover

PARIS — France’s foreign minister said Thursday that Iran’s nuclear program was a cover for clandestine military activity, in an unusually direct attack on Tehran for a European diplomat.

Man, Francois… did you have to walk down the block for that one? Or did Iran cancel it’s military contract with you?

Iran’s chief nuclear negotiator immediately dismissed the charge, insisting that Iran doesn’t “want to have the bomb.”

Sure you don’t… We believe you…

Just in case anyone cared, I have a free pass to bash the French, it comes with the name.

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Confirmation of a Daughter

Posted by Mark on February 16, 2006

My daughter Lexi was confirmed last night in our local Episcopal Church. She stood with 65 others, both adolescents and adults, and proudly professed her faith in Christ and joined the Church of her own free will. This is what she said, from The Book of Common Prayer:

The Bishop asks the candidates
Do you reaffirm your renunciation of evil?
Candidate I do.
Do you renew your commitment to Jesus Christ?
Candidate I do, and with God’s grace I will follow him as my Savior and Lord.

After a version of the Nicene Creed, the Bishop says this, as he laid his hands on my daughter’s head:

Strengthen, O Lord, your servant Alexis with your Holy Spirit; empower her for your service; and sustain her all the days of her life. Amen.

Our local Episcopal Church stands out, especially in the Diocese of Chicago. We are conservative, one of the few in the Diocese, and one of the very few within our denomination. My daughter joined a denomination in crisis, but a local Church body that is growing by leaps and bounds. She joined a Denomination on the verge of splitting, unless there is major change within the leadership. The next stage of the looming crisis will be this summer, when the National Convention meets.

A former pastor of my church has produced a remarkable presentation detailing how the ECUSA came to the place it finds itself. It’s a journey that goes well beyond the current debate on homosexuality and the priesthood. It’s a journey that may very well mean a fork in the road, a split between those like my Church who choose to hold to the faith given, and those who choose a different road, which leads to apostasy and heresy. I attended my daughter’s confirmation with a mixture of pride and foreboding. Pride in her decision to stand for Christ, and foreboding for the choices that lie ahead for our troubled denomination.

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