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Popular Mechanics: The House Katrina Report is Full of Holes

Posted by Mark on February 15, 2006

HT to Instapundit for this one.
Interesting first look at a report that is blasting its way over the MSM:

At 2:00 this afternoon, the Select Bipartisan Committee to Investigate the Preparation for and Response to Hurricane Katrina will release its final report after more than five months of investigation. POPULAR MECHANICS obtained excerpts of a draft copy of the report last night.

We’ve given the report an initial read and found it riddled with poor logic, internal contradictions and exaggerations. This is no 9/11 Commission Report. We’ll have a fuller review once we get our hands on the official copy.

Here’s some more:

For now, though, here’s a quick overview of what seems to be the report’s most troubling shortfall: consistently blaming individuals for failing to foresee circumstances that only became clear with the laser-sharp vision of hindsight.

For example, the report states: “Fifty-six hours prior to landfall, Hurricane Katrina presented an extremely high probability threat that 75 percent of New Orleans would be flooded, tens of thousands of residents may be killed, hundreds of thousands trapped in flood waters up to 20 feet, hundreds of thousands of homes and other structures destroyed, a million people evacuated from their homes, and the greater New Orleans area would be rendered uninhabitable for several months or years.”

This statistic is referred to often, and refers to computer modeling of a direct Category 5 hurricane landfall in New Orleans. However, it’s also a distortion. According to the data the Committee itself examined, 56 hours prior to landfall, Katrina was a relatively weak Category 3 storm, heading west in the Gulf of Mexico. Over the next few hours, it began its turn north, but where the storm was going to make landfall along the Gulf Coast was any weatherman’s bet (the average 48-hour margin of error is 160 miles). In fact, it was not until the next day, Saturday, that it became more of a certainty that the hurricane was heading toward New Orleans. Furthermore, hurricane forecasters and emergency managers tell PM that until about 24 hours before landfall, hurricanes are too unpredictable to warrant the sort of blanket evacuation orders the report describes.

Hindsight is 20/20. And Congressman tend to have almost perfect ability to predict what should be done…after the crisis is over.

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Cheney Stands up for Self

Posted by zaphriel on February 15, 2006

Cheney is a stand-up guy.

Cheney: ‘I’m the Guy Who Pulled the Trigger’

NEW YORK — Vice President Dick Cheney said he and he alone was responsible for a weekend hunting accident in which he shot Austin attorney Harry Whittington.

“Ultimately I’m the guy who pulled the trigger, that fired the round that hit Harry,” Cheney said in his first interview since the incident. “I’m the guy who pulled the trigger and shot my friend, and that’s something I’ll never forget. …

“The image of him falling is something I will never be able to get out my mind,” Cheney said, somberly. “It was one of the worst days of my life.”

Cheney also filled in some of the blanks of what happened that Saturday evening in south Texas, details of which have been sketchy so far. Self-described hunting and gun experts have been weighing in to blame Cheney for not looking before he shot, blame Whittington for not announcing his presence, or both.

Earlier this week, White House spokesman Scott McClellan implied that Whittington did not follow hunting protocol. On Wednesday, the vice president made clear that he took all the blame.

“It was not Harry’s fault,” he said. “You cannot blame anybody else.”

I respect him for his candor, and for taking blame for what he did wrong. This is an accident, plain and simple. It’s done and over. Let it go.

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Nightline to Air Saddam Tapes Tonight

Posted by Mark on February 15, 2006

This is a big deal, but may get overshadowed by the continued media obsession with “The Cheney Shooting.”

( – Secret audiotapes of Saddam Hussein discussing ways to attack America with weapons of mass destruction will be the subject of an ABC “Nightline” program Wednesday night, a former federal prosecutor told Cybercast News Service.

The tapes are being called the “smoking gun” of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) in Iraq. The New York Sun reported that the tapes have been authenticated and currently are being reviewed by the U.S. House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.

The panel’s chairman, Rep. Peter Hoekstra (R-Mich.), declined to give the Sun details of the content or context of the recordings, saying only that they were provided to his committee by former federal prosecutor John Loftus.

Here’s a little more on the story, which should break wide open this weekend.

Question: What will the left do if the mantra “There were no WMDs” turns out to be a lie? Inquiring minds want to know…

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So I LIKE Curling. Wanna Make Something Of It?

Posted by Mark on February 15, 2006

I know, I know. It’s these men and women with brooms, sweeping in front of funny looking rocks. But, having been laid up with a chest infection for a couple of days now, I’ve had time to actually watch the sport. And I’ve been fascinated by Curling, especially women’s curling. Now, before the jokes start about why I’m fascinated by women’s curling, just get your minds out of the gutter. Yes, the women are cute. I admit that. But there seems to be more strategy involved in women’s curling, where men’s curling seems to be more about strength. But, having said that, the women’s team is more fun to watch…ahem. Curl_CassieJohnson_sister_JamieJohnson.jpg

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The Final Word on The White House Press Corps: Tony Blankley

Posted by Mark on February 15, 2006

The MSM is a joke. We’ve all known it for awhile now, but this column makes the joke public. The Emperors of the White House Press Room truly have no clothes, and it’s a frightening sight.

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Evolution Revolution

Posted by zaphriel on February 15, 2006

OK, now I can understand not forcing teachers to teach Intelligent Design in the biology classes, but I find it inexcusable to totally eliminate the possibility of it being mentioned.

Ohio School Board Eliminates Disputed Evolution Language

COLUMBUS, Ohio — The Ohio school board voted Tuesday to eliminate a passage in the state’s science standards that critics said opened the door to the teaching of intelligent design.

The Ohio Board of Education decided 11-4 to delete material encouraging students to seek evidence for and against evolution.

The 2002 science standards say students should be able to “describe how scientists continue to investigate and critically analyze aspects of evolutionary theory.” The standards include a disclaimer that they do not require the teaching of intelligent design.

Now I am a reasonable person, so here is my problem with this… “The Ohio Board of Education decided … to delete material encouraging students to

seek evidence for and against

evolution.” Wait, isn’t that the SCIENTIFIC PROCESS? Shouldn’t we teach them to prove or disprove a theory through experimentation, observation, and analysis of the evidence? Doesn’t this new language force teachers to ONLY TEACH evolution as an undisputable theory that should not be tested? The old standard allowed a teacher to not teach Intelligent Design, and hey as a reasonable person, who can put his own beliefs aside and not force my beliefs on others, I think that goes far enough. But to actually cut off the possibility of discussion as a matter of policy, isn’t that forcing the other view exclusively on our children? How is that better than an open conversation?

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Posted by Mark on February 15, 2006

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A Post in Cartoons – The Cartoons!!!

Posted by zaphriel on February 15, 2006

There are sooo many levels to this problem, but I think the cartoonists explain it best…

As Violence Continues, U.S. Cartoonists Refuse to Draw the Line

WASHINGTON — It would be no surprise if Pittsburgh-based newspaper cartoonist Rob Rogers and others like him were re-thinking their chosen line of work after recently published Danish editorial cartoons incited riots around the world and the Pentagon singled out a Washington Post cartoonist for what they called a “tasteless” drawing.

But, in reality, it’s quite the opposite, Rogers says.

“I think it emboldens us in one way, and that is if anybody thought that an editorial cartoon doesn’t have an impact, I think that’s pretty much blown out of the water — no pun intended,” said Rogers…

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