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Anti-Abortion Law Passes Both Houses

Posted by Mark on February 10, 2006

South Dakota has fired the opening salvo in the next round of abortion wars. The Governor has said he will sign it. This case will wind up before the Supreme Court, hopefully soon.

6 Responses to “Anti-Abortion Law Passes Both Houses”

  1. jimmyb said

    Let’s rock and roll!

  2. akauffman said

    thanks for the link….. i reciprocated.
    good day.

  3. Nariel said

    I must say.. BULLY for South Dakota.

    As you know I have never been an advocate of abortion on demand, or the use of it like a cheap, afterthought of contraception.

    The more I grow in the Lord, the clearer it becomes to me… life is to be protected.. and if we are going to claim a Christian banner over this nation, then our job is the job of being yup.. you guessed it.. Godly in all of our ways, which means recognizing the scripture that says
    “in the womb.. I knew you.”

  4. Gayle said

    This may come as a shock to those who’ve read my posts and see me as a liberal, but I was glad to see this. I’ve long been an opponent of abortion.
    Like Nariel, I see it as a cheap form of contraception. It’ll be interesting to watch this story.

  5. Nariel said

    Gayle you and I have alot in common! :0)
    It’s sad but true, that by far and away the MOST abortions are for that reason.. contraception AFTER the fact.

    One of the greatest ‘studies’ I ever did (for valuable info) was to learn how to teach the Creighton Model of NFP–believe me.. the mother’s life is “threatened” less the 5%of the time, and if you ask most mothers anyways.. if your life was in jeopardy and a choice had to be made between that of you or your child.. which one would I choose? Hands down.. my child comes first..

    In any case, abortion has far too often been used as a birthcontrol.. rather then what should be applied which is the
    “You play, you pay”
    It really boils down to taking responsibility for our actions in this world.
    There are plenty of families out there that are waiting for a baby to make their families complete.. is 9 months of a woman’s time that much to ask, to spare the life of a child?

  6. Mark said

    Nariel, you and Gayle really do seem to have quite a bit in common. Interesting.

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