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What Is The Main Story of 2005? And What Will Come in 2006?

Posted by Mark on December 28, 2005

So I’ve been thinking of times past and times future. Until New Year’s Eve, Matt and I will be posting our favorite stories of 2005, and predictions for 2006. Feel free to add your own, or vehemently disagree with ours.

I think the big story of 2005 is the active, planned move to appeasement by the Democrat Party. They have sold American security for the hope of regaining power in 2006. And, I predict that the November 2006 elections will be far closer to 2002 than 1994.

I also predict that the Democrats suicidal strategy will kill the Patriot Act in late January. They won’t stop Alito, but they’ll give it a grand try.

More predictions to come, as the mood strikes us…

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