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Balance of Power: Unions

Posted by Mark on October 20, 2005

A great guest blog on Unions is up at Balance of Power. And in California, Proposition 75 stands a great chance of passing. The Modesto Bee has a look:

Proposition 75 is one of the most controversial measures on the Nov.8 ballot, but it isn’t complicated. It would make a rather simple adjustment to ensure fairness to all public employee union members, no matter their political philosophy.

Voters should look beyond the advertising and focus on exactly what the measure would require. If it passes, public employee unions would have to get permission in writing before any portion of dues could be spent for political purposes.

Federal law allows union members to decline to allow a portion of their dues to be used for political purposes, such as supporting candidates or ballot initiatives. In most cases, members must act to block such use of their dues, a move called “opting out.”

Under Proposition 75, that process would be turned around. Public union members would have to “opt in” to have a portion of their dues used for political causes. Simply put, the burden of seeking permission would be shifted from the members to the unions. Records of the member’s choice would have to be kept and recorded with a state agency.

Works for me. This is one thing from the Left Coast that should spread throughout the country. It would make up for such idiocy as Norma Rae, but just barely.

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