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The Dangers of Blogging, and an Editorial Policy

Posted by Mark on October 11, 2005

Comment Policy

I’m pretty open about who comments here. Left, right, center. Anglican, Catholic, Baptist, agnostic, atheist. Only trolls are booted, and that’s only happened once in the past 5 years, though some have come close. (You know who you are) But I’ve been thinking about what I want for LJiC, and who I want to read it.

So, in light of the article in the link, and my own preferences, here’s Da Rules.

1. Attack ideas, not people. You want to go after another commenter personally, do it on your own site. You hurt yourself, and your argument by going after a person. Don’t.
2. You’re a guest in my…blog. Behave that way.
3. This is a PG Blog. You seldom see profanity on LJiC. My Daddy always said that the only people who cuss are those who aren’t intelligent enough to use other words to support their point. He was right.

Follow those rules, and all is well. If you find you can’t, don’t comment. If you do comment, and fail to follow DA RULES, I’ll delete you. If you do it again, I will decide you’re a troll, and ban you. I could care less if you’re a conservative, a liberal, or a grey with plans to abduct me later. I’ll boot you from LJiC quicker than your little fingers can type your next profanity. Kapische?


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