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A Dialogue for the September 12th World

No really it’s true…

Posted by zaphriel on September 30, 2005

The Weekly True is True Column

GLIDE SLOPE: Witnesses say a man at a popular diving area at a lake near
Diana, N.Y., didn’t use the usual spot to dive into the water, but
rather a much higher spot. It was also farther from the water. When
Alexander Chappell, 21, jumped he hit the rocks at the edge of the
lake. He was killed. Chappell was a senior in mechanical engineering at
Clarkson University. (AP) …Declared a major, studied the course
material — what’s the difference?

priest at Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Corn Hill, Texas, after he
called about 15 children up to the altar during mass. The lesson: how
Jesus suffered during crucifixion. His method: pricking the children’s
hands with a pin. “What I was trying to teach them is that suffering is
a part of life,” said Fr. Arthur Michalka, 78. One parent says the
wounds, made with an unsterilized pin, drew blood from her child, but
the priest says that’s not true. “I did not intend it to go very deep,”
he said. “I didn’t think it was that big a deal.” (Austin American-
Statesman) …Watch out for next week’s participatory lesson, “Casting
the first stone.”

SIMPLIFY THE DECISION: Tennessee State Driving Examiner Laurie Holden was
just finishing up giving a driving test to Osman Salah, 25, of
Nashville, and was trying to decide whether to give him a passing or a
failing grade. As they pulled into the Rutherford County Driver License
Station in Murfreesboro, she told him “to stop as we pulled up to the
building,” she remembers, and “the next thing I knew it was raining
bricks all around us.” Salah had crashed into the building, injuring
two people inside waiting in line. She gave him a failing grade.
(Nashville Tennessean) …Since you have to injure at least five to

BLOWHARD: When Kim Horn, 42, showed up in Mason, Mich., saying she was a
refugee from Hurricane Katrina and had lost all of her belongings, area
residents responded in force. They provided a free house, completely
furnished with donated items, including a TV and DVD player and even a
bicycle for her 6-year-old daughter. But when an article about the
donations ran in the local newspaper, people who knew Horn had arrived
in town well before the hurricane hit blew the whistle. Horn was
arrested and charged with felony larceny under false pretenses and
faces up to five years in prison. (Lansing State Journal) …Either
way, she gets housing at someone else’s expense.

DUCT TAPE BEWARE! “Terror Leader in Iraq Declares War on Tape” — AP

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