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All Home Based Business Leads to Herbalife

Posted by Mark on September 26, 2005

Or at least 70% of them do.
After a year of serious illness, I’m finally well enough to begin looking for work again. Like most of us, what I’d love to do is work from home. It would be great to be able to sit in my basement office doing something I love.

Trouble is, very few of the Home Based Businesses out there are real. Most lead to one company, Herbalife. Most of those work from home signs you see littering the roadways lead there. And, if you listen to the radio, you will come across Online Business Systems. Yep, Herbalife. Global Business Systems? Herbalife.

I have no desire to sell Herbalife, or any other Multi-Level Marketing item. We take Shaklee Vitamins, and they seem to help. But that’s a far cry from being “in business” with the company. At least Shaklee is up front about what they are selling. Herbalife most assuredly is not.

I’ve pretty much given up on the idea that I can work from home. My experiences trying to find something that will make money from home has been nothing but negative.

Oh yeah, better include all those “make money on EBay” offers too. Sigh.

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