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Greed and Corruption – A way of life in N.O.

Posted by zaphriel on September 23, 2005

This just makes my heartache, the corruption, and the opportunists. I know, or at least I think I know, this is not the majority, but more and more all we are seeing on the news are the people who would take advantage of the situations that arise. People looting, Cops looting, Federal Monies missing, unaccounted for, not for survival, but out of greed.

GREED and CORRUPTION. I am sick of it.


During the past week I read story after story about how so many of New Orleans’
middle and upper income residents were able to flee the city as Katrina
approached, but the poor were left to fend for themselves. The difference
here wasn’t money. The difference here was attitude. It was the
self-sufficient vs. the dependent. The evil rich and middle-income residents
fled New Orleans because they are used to accepting the responsibility for
their own welfare and safety. The poor stayed behind because they’re mired
in the sludge of generation after generation of dependency on government.
The accomplished class knows that they bear the responsibility for meeting
their own needs and providing for their safety. The poor by-and-large bear
no such responsibility.
To them, it’s the government’s job. Instead of taking responsibility for their
own safety — they just sat there, waiting for government to come and save


Now here’s something you probably didn’t know about Louisiana and Hurricane
Katrina. At the very time Katrina was bearing down on New Orleans, there were
several top-level officials in the very department of Louisiana government that
prepares for emergencies such as Katrina sitting around and waiting for their
trial. Trial, you say? Trial for what? Let’s try corruption and throw in a
bit of fraud.

It seems that these Louisiana officials either misspent or misplaced or …
worse …
about 60 million federal taxpayer bucks. Here are some details …

In March of this year — that’s about five months before Katrina — FEMA was
asking for the return of $30.4 million that the federal government had sent
to Louisiana for emergency planning and preparedness. Most of this money was
sent to some state office called the Louisiana Office of Homeland Security
and Emergency Preparedness. Wait .. it gets worse. According to the Los
Angeles Times, much of that money was sent to Louisiana under some federal
program called the Click here: Hazard Mitigation Grant program. That is a
program that is, in part, supposed to help states improve flood control
facilities. Flood? Did someone say flood?

Hazard mitigation would have been a great idea in New Orleans, don’t you think? Especially that “improve flood control facilities” part, but nobody seems to know where the money went! OK … let’s follow the trail of $15.4 million
dollars that was spent by the Louisiana Office of Homeland Security and
Emergency Preparedness. The $15.4 million was part of a $40.5 million grant of
your money that was sent to Louisiana for the Hazard Mitigation Program. You
know … flood control and all that. Oops! Hold on a second here. My bad.
It seems we can’t follow that $15.4 million.. You see, the Louisiana officials
say that they awarded that money to subcontractors for 19 major hazard
mitigation programs, but they just can’t seem to find any receipts to
account of 97% of the funds. Ninety-seven percent of $15.4 million, my
friends. No receipts. That’s $14.94 million .. gone, and nobody can trace

Do any of you think that something good might have been done with
some of this money? Lives saved? Flooding prevented? If you’re thinking
that, remember … we’re talking Hurricane Katrina here, and we all know
that every bad thing that happened in Hurricane Katrina was —

All together now —- Bush’s Fault!source

Corruption, being part of the atmosphere down there, paired with the Take Care of ME attitude,was and continues to be a recipe for disaster. A disaster that was preventable, and now we are all going to bear the cost as we rebuild New Orleans. Why? Because they never took care of themselves, nor ever took personal responsibility for what they did. The powerful got rich, the poor stayed poor, mostly by their own choice, and when disaster struck, gangs from outside the city took advantage and robbed jewelry stores, cause that made sense. Instead of pulling together and scraping your way out.


We should all Try being dependant on ourselves for once.

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