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International Talk Like A Pirate Day

Posted by zaphriel on September 19, 2005

Man, I meant t’ have this post up all day, but I left some critical stuff elsewhere, that I had t’ go retrieve, so better late than never.

There has been a cause that as o’ late has been gettin’ scant attention. T’ cause be sillyness, with Katrina, and t’ Wars around t’ world, and all t’ other political and news worthy items, we have forgotten t’ be silly. Well I say Forget NO More.

Today, as few o’ you may know be International Talk Like A Pirate Day. A day that be celebrated by a few conoseurs t’ world over, that urgently needs our attention.

How do you celebrate this most hallowed o’ days you ask? Well I will tell you, all you really have t’ do be talk like a pirate, or in this case type like one. It be also additionally encouraged t’ dress up like one. If your a minimalist an eyepatch or pegleg added t’ your regular attire will do.

Pull out your old Jolly Rogers you have layin’ around, or play poker with a Parrot Pirate.

Play with your treasure or put on an old pirate mask.

Throw a party just because, or do nothing at all but just feel piratey.

But most o’ all have fun with it, that be o’ course t’ whole point. Be silly every once in a while, it’s better than watchin’ t’ news all t’ time.

Avast!! There be an Urgent Update.

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End of an Era

Posted by zaphriel on September 19, 2005

In the wake of the cold war, and in a time of immense turmoil events have been proceeding. In the background of our consciousness, we have silently and slowly been bringing to an end the most powerful squadron in the world.

Today the last Peacekeeper ICBM (better known as the MX Missile) will be deactivated, taking with it more than a quarter of the U.S. land based nuclear weapons arsenal capability (dropping us from 600 warheads on alert to 450 still active). This one squadron held more warheads than the entire remainder of the wing it was attached to (That’s three flights of Minuteman III’s).

It is in my book a bittersweet day, as I used to work on these beauties. It was quite a feeling to maintain the most powerful weapon on earth, and to pray it never would be used.

Somehow I feel a little bit of loss today. May we be proven right that we never really needed them, or at least no longer need them.

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Water on Enceladus

Posted by Mark on September 19, 2005

A tiny moon of Saturn appears to be venting water, likely from a liquid source in its interior. The wonders of Cassini just keep pouring in.

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